Madson back at Reds camp

A day removed from getting the diagnosis of a torn elbow ligament that will need season-ending Tommy John surgery, Reds closer Ryan Madson was back in camp Sunday morning. Madson spoke in the hallway with teammates Bill Bray and Sean Marshall and planned to visit with the rest of the club.

While his mood was calm on Sunday, it was a much different feeling for him Saturday when Dr. Tim Kremchek delivered the news.

“I was shocked first,” Madson said. “I was not expecting that at all, that result. It took me a couple of hours to get over it really. I was very apologetic to the Reds organization and my teammates. I feel like I let them down a little bit.”

When did the injury happen?

“That’s a question I can’t answer,” Madson replied. “I think it happened over time here at Spring Training and coming back from the little injury to the back of my elbow. I think throwing through that kind of aggravated it. I never felt any one moment where it happened. That’s why I was so shocked at the result.

“When I threw last to the hitters [Tuesday], I felt great. Just there at the end, there were a couple of pitches where it was tight. I just thought it was normal tightness that we feel. We throw through a lot of pain and tightness and all that our whole career. I thought it was just more of that.”

Madson said his surgery date was April 4. It will be performed in Cincinnati by Kremchek. I will have much more from the interview in a story later on

Here is the story link

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