Madson needs Tommy John surgery

*The Reds got the worst news possible on closer Ryan Madson. The ligament in his elbow is torn off of the bone and he will need Tommy John surgery that will end his season before it begins. Madson was examined this morning in Cincinnati by team medical director Dr. Tim Kremcheck.

“We can sit here and try to rehab it but it never works,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty said. “The best thing is to shut it down, get the surgery and move forward. It’s obviously not great news. But we told the team and said to stay positive. We have good alternatives we can turn to. Others clubs have done it in the past. I did it in St. Louis. When Izzy went down, Wainwright stepped in and we won the World Series.”

“You feel terrible for him because he feels terrible,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

The Reds did not take an insurance policy on Madson’s one-year, $8.5 million contract because it was a one-year deal and the club policy is not to do insurance on one-year deals.

Jocketty and Baker did not name a closer to replace Madson but LHP Sean Marshall seems to be the primary candidate. When asked if this development could move Aroldis Chapman back to a bullpen role, Jocketty said “Maybe.”

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Devastating news. I guess it’s now “next man up”.

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Good thing the bullpen is deep and was reinforced over the winter!

This is unbelievable! The reds have no luck with big acquisitions. Remember Alex Gonzalez? He rarely played his time in Cincy due to injuries and then when he healed he was gone.

I can’t believe it every time the Reds get a new player from the free agent market this happens. Its a waste of money. They should of kept Francisco

AAAAARGH!!! No insurance to offset the loss. The $8.5M investment with $0 return now really stinks. I know Madson feels worse than anyone. I hope the surgery goes well and he comes back quickly next season, even if he plays for someone other than Cincinnati. The aquisition and extention of Marshall looks like even more of shrewd trade now. I really hope Chapman does not move to the bullpen as a result, but a ‘maybe’ by WJ does not bode well in that regard.

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keep chappy as a starter!!!!!

Chapman can help the team more as a reliever this year, so that is where he should be.


Small sample size and all…but dang, Chapman pitched well today. Better than Homer Bailey.

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The Mike Leake/T-shirt curse lives on…

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im just learning baseball .if madson cant play does he play for free next year or give the money back?

The club is obligated to pay his contracted salary for the year. And it is organizational policy not to insure one-year deals, so no one will be giving or getting anything back. Since it was a one-year deal with a mutual option for an increased salary for 2013, it is unlikely either side will want to commit to that. Madson might, since he will probably still be in recovery mode, but the Reds were unlikely to opt for the increase in salary under ideal circumstances. Certainly not now under these new circumstances. So there exists the very strong possibility that he will never throw an official pitch in a Cincinnati uniform.

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