Chapman decision ‘close’

*One of the few mysteries of Reds camp has been what will become of LHP Aroldis Chapman. Starter in the big leagues, starter in Triple-A or reliever in the big leagues. The decision has not been made, yet.

“We’re close,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said Thursday afternoon. “You’ll be notified when we make our decision on what’s happening. Right now, we don’t know. The last time, it was decided kind of for us [in 2010], you know what I mean?”

The last time the Reds were on the fence with Chapman, he suffered a back injury late in camp and wound up starting the season at Triple-A Louisville. As luck would have it, the Reds have split-squad games on Saturday and have both Chapman and the other fifth starter candidate, Homer Bailey, making starts. Chapman gets the Padres while Bailey has the Giants.

*The team came back after the lone off-day away from the complex. Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips were each given an additional day of rest.

“I give them all a day to pick when you’d rather not be here, a mental day,” said Baker, who used his off day to go fishing. The other regulars will also get a day off before camp is over.

“I think everybody should have two days off. But it doesn’t work out in the schedule,” Baker added.

*I will have a feature later on LHP Sean Marshall. Here’s one interesting tidbit. When Marshall and his wife, Sarah, were married, the ceremony was peformed by “Mr. Cub” and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks.

“He’s a good man,” Marshall said. “We were on a vacation with this Cubs trip a couple of years ago. He said ‘when are you two going to get married?’ I said ‘I don’t know.’ He said ‘I can marry you. I’m a certified minister.’ I said ‘bring it on.’ So he lived up to the hype. We waited a year and a half. Ernie is all about weddings.”


I sure hope they don’t stick him back in pen … they had a plan to get him back starting … jerking him back to the pen before he’s really had a chance to give it a full time go would be ridiculous

Whom then do we send where? And, if that person goes to the bullpen, whom do we send down from the bullpen? Then, what do we do with Francis? Same types of questions on the position players. The tough one there is Frazier; who I think will be send down to AAA (with an undated return ticket). It’s getting into crunch time for Dusty and Jocketty; options will play a very big role, I am sure.

If Madson starts the season on the DL, there will be room for an extra pitcher. :-/

I really have a hard time understanding this. Why not see if we can get his arm strength up to 5-6 innings before scrapping the idea of him being a starter. Did we ever give this a chance. Alot of money for a setup guy that cant pitch consecutive days without risk to his arm. Please help me understand the reasoning in even having this as an open discussion?????

Isn’t it true that we wouldn’t actually use a 5th starter until a couple of weeks into the season anyway? Is there a chance that Dusty and Walt might just kick the can down the road for a little while to see if the answer doesn’t become a bit clearer? I’d bet Madson or someone won’t be going back to Cincy ready to contribute, so there will at least temporarily be a spot for both Homer and Aroldis. I hope they find a way to get Chapman into the lineup. I hope he’s finally ready, but I can understand that the decision may as much come down to who has the option to go to Louisville as who has the skill to play in Cincinnati.

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