It was a wild and wacky day in the wind and rain at Goodyear Ballpark as the Reds took an 8-7 loss to Arizona.

*A total of seven runs scored in the top of the sixth, with six going on the line of LHP Clay Zavada (four earned). While Zavada did not help himself with three walks, a one-out normally routine fly to center field by Ryan Roberts was lost in the sky and wind by Denis Phipps and landed for a RBI single. Then the runs poured in, including a bases-loaded triple by Cody Ransom.

“Zavada was probably a little over amped pitching against his former team,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “That sun came out and broke right at that time [on Phipps].”

*Sam LeCure gave up one unearned run in the sixth, after a two-base fielding error by 1B Miguel Cairo. LeCure survived the seventh after giving up three hits with no one scoring.

*The wind caused an interesting play in the third inning on a Willie Bloomquist pop up to the right side. Joey Votto was camped under the ball only to have it blow into right field. Brandon Phillips was backing up and made a last-second basket catch for the out.

*Scott Rolen’s hot spring continues. Rolen crushed a first-pitch from Joe Patterson in the fourth for a three-run homer to right field. He is batting .444 in spring.

*Mike Leake’s line: 4 ip, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K

“Leakie looked real good. He looked better today, a lot better,” Baker said.

*Sean Marshall had his third-straight scoreless outing. 1 ip, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K

*The Reds added two runs in the ninth, including one by Todd Frazier on a solo homer to left field. Frazier is making a superb bid to make the 25-man roster. He has four home runs this spring while batting .286.

*First pitch temperature: 53 degrees. That was pretty generous, if you ask me. It felt much colder, especially in the later innings. I heard it was pretty warm today in Cincinnati.

“It was a day of the elements,” Baker said. “We were very fortunate we got it in really. I didn’t think we had a chance.”

Attendance 3,963.


SP seems to be coming around. What’s the latest thiking on Chapman? Could he make the rotation? Isn’t $6 a lot ot pay for 6th and 7th inning bullpen guy? Isn’t the best bet still that he starts for Louisville at the beginning of the season?

I’m afraid at the end of this experiment, they will look back and wish they had spent ONLY six dollars! [but, of course, I know what you intended]

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