Green hat day

It looks like the Reds are going with the green hats today….I can’t think of a reason why though.

Reds lineup vs. the Indians

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Francisco 5
Stubbs 8
Heisey 7
Mesoraco 2
Harris DH

Arroyo 1

*Dusty Baker is using a few veterans/regulars that played in the Friday night game. That’s for a purpose as things get to the second half of camp.

“It teaches your body how to rebound on a short night’s rest,” Baker said. “The rest of the time here, we rest them the day game after a night game.”

*Brett Tomko was pleased with his performance last night. He should be as he went 9 up, 9 down vs. the Rockies. He struck out the side in the sixth inning against Colorado.

“It’s always good when you don’t give up any runs. It doesn’t matter how it is,” said Tomko, a non-roster invite. “I’m in a different situation. I started throwing pretty early because I don’t have the luxury of working on things like working on my changeup. I had that time a long time ago. I had to come a little bit more prepared, more ready to go from the start.”

*After some rough pitching much of camp, the Reds have gotten back-to-back nice starts from Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos the last two games.

“That’s the key. Games we haven’t played well or performed well didn’t have good starting pitching,” Baker said. “It’s no secret. That’s where it starts. These guys are coming around. Keep remembering it’s how you finish, not how you start.”

*In RF at the end of Friday’s game, Donald Lutz saved the game for the Reds when his perfect throw to the plate nailed Chad Tracy to end the game, preventing the tying run from scoring.

“He gave us two nice plays out there. He’s been working hard, “Baker said. “Here’s a kid out of ‘A’ ball really playing his butt off and playing a lot.”

*Besides Lutz, Baker has liked the other younger guys in camp — mentioning INF Henry Rodriguez, SS Didi Gregorious and OF Daryl Jones.

“These guys are playing,” Baker said. “You want to see what they can do, and you want them to go where they’re going with a lot of confidence and feeling that ‘I’m close.’ As long as they don’t go down there and get the big league-itis and start acting different, which I warned them not to do. It’s a tremendous opportunity for these young guys, and they’re saving my veterans’ legs. Now it’s time for them to go pretty soon and my regular guys to build endurance playing and at-bats wise.”

*And speaking of young guys, OF Denis Phipps has three doubles in his last four at-bats.

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