Valaika cleared to play

Reds lineup vs. Mariners

Negron 4

Harris 7

Jones 8

Ludwick DH

Heisey 9

Cairo 3

Hanigan 2

Valdez 5

Janish 6

Latos 1

INF Chris Valaika, who is coming off September surgery to repair a torn ACL in his right knee, is due to make his first appearance in a game today and will play 3B at some point. Valaika, who was just cleared to get into games, played 2B in Monday’s ‘B’ game vs. Seattle.

“I was 0-for-3 but the knee felt good,” Valaika said. “I was more happy to be out there again to get the reps. I was little behind a little bit. It’s getting back into the groove of things.”

*I will have more later today from Peoria…

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I sincerely hope that his recovery is 100%. Please give him plenty of ink so we can track his progress.

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