Tomorrow’s lineup…today!

*Here it is a day early…the lineup is posted for Saturday’s Cactus League opener vs. the Indians.

Phillips 4

Cozart 6

Votto 3

Ludwick 7

Bruce 9

Rolen 5

Stubbs 8

Mesoraco 2

Navarro DH

Leake 1

Other pitchers to see action include Arredondo, Masset and Ondrusek.


*Dusty Baker was asked if this lineup was in close proximity to what might be seen on Opening Day.

“It’s a possibility,” Baker said. “You have to start somewhere. I urge everybody, please don’t critique my lineup. I’m going to get enough of that soon.”

Baker knows people speculate about his lineups.

“I don’t care. There’s that saying that everybody  can tell you how to do it but very few have ever done it,” Baker said. “I’m doing what I think is right every day. There’s a good chance that with my background and experience that I have a better idea than most.”

*SS Zack Cozart remains healthy and has done well with his surgically repaired left elbow in camp after a week of full-squad workouts.

“I haven’t had any problems,” Cozart said. “I still wear a brace because they want me to wear that at least halfway through the year. Everything feels good and I a, ready to go.”

*As Spring Training has essentially been drills, meetings, bullpen sessions and batting practice so far…the start of exhibition games is welcomed at this point.

“You can try to recreate game-like situations as much as you can in drills,” catcher Devin Mesoraco said. “But until you finally step in there and face that pitcher with a different uniform on or get behind the plate catching wise, it’s all drills. At the same time, we have to do our best our drills so they are very game-like. Once we get out there, it can be second nature.”


Willing to bet that this is the opening day line-up minus the DH & with Cueto starting?

I’d also guess hanigan over mesoraco

Here we go with good ol Dusty. Already has Ludwick batting clean-up.

Yes. Actually that was the biggest difference in my lineup versus Dusty’s.
Would have had Rolen and Ludwick switched; Rolen is healthy and has proven
himself more consistently over his career. However, with that said, if Ludwick
hits as he is expected to hit, it may not matter. Dusty is trying to revive Ludwick
and doing so by building a great deal of confidence. And, if Ludwick returns to his
2008 form, it won’t bode well for Heisey.

Yup. Once again Heisey will be picking splinters from his butt.

Because he isn’t starting in the first spring training game? Ha, here we go, this season is going to be fun, and annoying, all at the same time?

Heisey will see plenty of work this year.

I can’t argue with this lineup if we see it on opening day. I would rather have Heisey than Ludwick but if Ludwick does match his best year this will work. Its just the first spring training game but boy it gives me goose bumps. Looking forward to April 5th.

Man, Dusty, you’re in mid-season form, defensiveness-wise. Relax! Ignorant fans support the team and that gives them the right to second-guess ignorantly. I plan to do my share, but I’m no threat to take your job. So loosen up the sphincter and laugh along with the clowns. Our name is Legion!

All i want to say is that if I remember correctly, Ludwick’s best year was when he batted 2nd in front of Pujols. I’m not saying that he can’t hit in the 4th spot, but I think as time goes on this season, we’ll come to find ourselves in the same spot as we were last year….you can count on Votto, but 4-5 need to be much better.

you do not remember correctly (a lot of people don’t) in 2008 Ludwick’s big year, he only hit 2nd for 30 games., 69 in the 4 hole

I still can’t figure out what Ludwig has done to deserve being on the team let alone starting any game before Heisey.

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