Still waiting for Marshall deal…

Good Monday morning from Goodyear.

*I wouldn’t be stunned if a Sean Marshall contract extension is announced today. Marshall said he could not talk about it yet but expected something to be announced pretty soon. I will keep you posted. The terms are also unknown at this point.  Baker was asked if he was happy that Marshall would be here for a while.

“Yeah, if I am here with him,” Baker replied. His contract is up after this season.

*A St. Louis writer was in the morning session with Baker asking about the Reds pitching. He noted that the Cardinals were curious about whether Aroldis Chapman would make Cincinnati’s rotation.

“Why are they concerned?” Baker replied. “They’re going to go up there and take anyway. Why are they concerned about us, they’re the World Champions.”

*During Sunday’s live BP session, Mat Latos seemed to get the ball in the dirt.

“He was throwing against the big boys and he certainly didn’t want to hit any of them,” Baker said. “He was forcing that breaking ball a little bit. I told him to quit worrying. It’s February. It’s not March yet. If it was March 28, you can be a little concerned.”

*Johnny Cueto was quite impressive the first time out on the other hand.

“Cueto is more compact and shorter,” Baker said. “It’s easier for him to get in sync and stay in sync. Latos is 6-6 with long arms and legs. Bigger guys have a little bit more trouble getting their timing and getting in sync.”

*The Reds like to keep things moving at camp and don’t waste a lot of time. That’s very intentional. 3B coach Mark Berry runs posts the schedule daily and most of the time before the games start, players are off of the field by 1 p.m. with a full day of work done already.

“That’s what I’ve always done,” Baker said. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, at least that’s what my wife and family tells me all the time. I like precision. I don’t like standing around. I like guys moving. I like them busy and I like them on time. In my normal life, I’m probably over organized, if there is such a thing, and very time efficient.”

*OF Denis Phipps, in his first big league camp at the age of 26. He didn’t even start playing baseball until he was 17. Phipps was a basketball player growing up in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic — a baseball hotbed.

“In my hometown, everybody played baseball and I didn’t,” said Phipps, who grew up with Dennis Rodman being his favorite basketball player.


Mark – do you have a candidate to be this year’s David Sappelt? Someone who most haven’t heard of who makes a big Goodyear splash? Can’t wait for Saturday’s game. Too lazy to look it up – is it on TV?

I could see Phipps being that guy because he has hit well last couple of years in the Minors. Gregorious has also been impressive. Hard to say until games get going. I know Saturday’s game is not on FS Ohio. I do not know if the Indians network is showing.

Thanks, Mark.

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