Marshall signs three-year extension

The Reds announced that LHP Sean Marshall has been signed to a three-year contract extension throug the 2015 season. With a year to go on his current deal, that means he will have four years in Cincinnati.

“We’re obviously very excited about it,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty said. “When we made the trade for him, we made it intending to extend him. We felt confident we would do that. We wanted to approach it sooner than later. Our goal was to try and get it done before the start of camp, or at least before we started playing games. We did it get it done before the games.”

With Ryan Madson signed only for this season, another attraction to locking up Marshall is that he could become a closer down the road.

“No. 1, he is a quality person and I think he’s going to add a lot to our franchise and organization for at least four years,” Jocketty said. “You look at the quality of his work. He’s one of the top setup guys in the game. And we’ll have flexibility with him in the future if we want to use him as a closer. That will be determined as we go down the road.”

UPDATE — Marshall’s three-year extension is worth $16.5 million and has up to a $1 million bonus for games finished if he becomes a closer and up to $1 million for games started should he somehow become part of the rotation. There is also a partial no-trade clause.

“I’m super excited,” Marshall said. “Since day one when I came to the new facility here and got to meet my Reds teammates and staff, and got to be back with the Dusty and the coaches I was with, they were all very welcoming. I’ve been very excited so far in spring training. The Reds have taken extremely good care of myself and I see they take care of all of their players. I’m excited to spend the next four years in a Reds uniform and hopefully help guide them to a championship.”



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Great news.

You can’t deny that the Reds do take care of their players though. That has to be known through the majors.

I wonder if Brandon leaves the facilities today asking himself where his contract extension is

The type of money in Brandon’s upcoming deal (hopefully) and in Marshall’s deal are on two very different levels. I am sure it could cross Brandon’s mind, but if Brandon and the reds were taling about 5-6 Million dollars a year the deal would have been done long ago. The reality is that Brandon is likely looking for a deal similar to what Dan Uggla got last year which was 5 years $62 Million. A much harder deal to get done.

Absolutely correct. And, if we are able to sign Phillips it would be wonderful as he is
a 5-tool player that is on top of his game. Additionally, he can bat anywhere in the order
and produce. With increased revenues by playing well into the playoffs we may well
be able to sign Phillips; Votto is out of the question, imo. However, if traded sometime
next year the trade should bring the team incredible talent; Jocketty will ensure that will
happen. If we don’t sign Phillips, it merely means that Hamilton is ready to tackle the bigs.
Personally, I would love to see Phillips signed to an additional 3-5 year deal. Strength up the middle, anywhere we bat him and on the basepads cannot be duplicated easily. So the
issue may just come down to dollars and sense. With our subpar cable and tv deals, the
Reds only chance of signing such a salary long term will be to increase attendance;
last year at a 2.2m level. I am prepared to see Votto leave; I hope and trust Phillips
won’t suffer the same fate.

You can’t count on increased revenues from a playoff run. One, it wouldn’t be seismic in its addition. Two, it can’t be relied on year after year, even for a brief stretch, because the appearance may end up being a one shot deal. So you can’t use that revenue to structure long-term deals with star players. All it provides is a little extra cash to slosh around and give you a little cream on the top for an extravagance or two.

I was thinking the same thing about Brandon. But in reality, he got a nice contract five years ago that the Reds were gracious to give him at the time. He will get another contract and he deserves one, but even he would have to admit that he has been taken care of by the Reds organization.

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Pouring today in Cincinnati. Feeling restless. I will buy the rest of the blog a chocolate milkshake each if anyone other than Ryan Ludwick starts in LF on Opening Day. I just have a (Dusty prefers veterans) feeling.

I’ll take that milkshake because, as I recall, Baker committed to go with Heisey when Gomes was traded away. Unfortunately, he almost simultaneously went down due to injury. I feel Baker will honor that promise and hand Heisey the distinction on Opening Day, even if the Marlins start a lefty. Of course, that doesn’t mean that honor will translate into anything resembling a permanent starting slot. The one who hits best will end up with the majority of playing time.

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