Live BP photos and notes

*I took in the live BP on a couple of the fields today. I can’t say I could rate the quality of what I saw but I could hear hitters praising some of Mike Leake’s stuff. Other pitchers I saw on the mound today were Nick Masset, Sean Marshall and Clay Zavada. I don’t think, or I didn’t see, any hitters cleared the fences today. There will be some pictures below, as rudimentary as they are.

*3B Juan Francisco was the only position player that wasn’t hitting or fielding with the team. Francisco is still nursing a sore left calf. He is doing strength and conditioning and has graduated to hitting in the cage. He will participate fully when he can run without pain.

*Reds owner/CEO Bob Castellini arrived at the complex today and held a press conference outside. I will have a story on that later on

*Click here to see some video of Joey Votto’s morning media availablity.

And finally some photos:


Going to be a great season. Can’t wait until it starts.

Mike Leake is going to break out big time this year.

You might have made a better choice of words, given incidents from nearly a year ago, if you had managed to make your point, about which I hope you prove prescient, while, at the same time, avoiding the phrase “break out”.

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