Cueto for Opening Day

Some quick news and notes to get you started on President’s Day…

*Dusty Baker is planning on having Johnny Cueto start on Opening Day vs. the Marlins. No surprise there after Cueto’s performance in 2011.

“Yeah, probably so. I’ve got an idea,” Baker said. “It’s how you want to match them up during the season. I know how important Opening Day is in Cincinnati. It’s more important in Cincinnati than any place I’ve been. But you end up having to match up against No. 1’s the rest of the year. If we’re just going on veteran status, it’d be Bronson [Arroyo]. But I think Bronson would be better down in the rotation.”

*I talked to SS Zack Cozart today and will have more later. Cozart said the doctor yesterday and it confirmed his feeling that he was 100 percent ready to go and able to compete to be the starting shortstop. Cozart was limited to 11 big league games after a collision resulted in a left elbow injury and Tommy John surgery.

*Like on Sunday, the pitchers are throwing 45 pitches or 15 minutes for their bullpen sessions. Today’s bullpen schedule includes Cueto, Arroyo, Chapman, Bailey, Latos and LeCure.

*Position players are starting to roll in early, or have been here. They include Cozart, Valaika, Frazier, Heisey, Francisco and Valdez.

*Baker said that Francisco was getting treatment for a sore calf. It’s the same left calf that Francisco injured last season and also tweaked during winter ball.

More later…


Mark could you get some video of that bullpen session you mentioned with Cueto, Chapman, Bailey, Latos, Arroyo that would be great!

I read that Baily added about 15 lbs. Is that 15 good lbs or 15 lbs around the middle?

I talked to Bailey and will have a story tomorrow. Yes, he added weight and it wasn’t just from eating. Much of it is muscle.

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