Better late than never…

After some travel issues I will not bore you with in great detail, I am finally in Arizona….about seven hours late. Therefore, I was unable to make it out to the Reds complex to see what’s going on, etc. I know players get out there ahead of the report date but everything starts cooking in earnest on Sunday.

I will be there bright and early and try to get some stuff for the day you have all been anticipating. In the meantime, the pictures below are the only tangible evidence I can offer that I am actually in Arizona and not in Cincinnati.

 Back in a few hours…


FGinal spring training advent picture: Goodyear exit off the airport expressway with an arrow and a sign “Reds Pitchers and Catchers”, Spring has arrived!

Yeah…the way I’ve heard it said before: Today is the day where we can accurately mouth the five most beautiful words in the English language—-=”Pitchers and Catchers report today…”

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