Tomko back to where it began?

MLB Trade Rumors reported on Thursday that RHP Brett Tomko agreed to a Minor League contract with the Reds. A club spokesman had no official information of a deal being done.

Tomko, 38, split last season with the Rangers and their Triple-A club. In eight relief appearances, he had a 4.58 ERA.

From 1997-99 as mostly a starting pitcher for the Reds, Tomko was 29-26 with a 4.35 ERA in 89 games, including 79 starts. He was traded to the Mariners in the February 10, 2000, deal that brought Ken Griffey Jr. to Cincinnati. The right-hander has also pitched for the Padres, Cardinals, Giants, Dodgers, Royals, A’s and Yankees.


Spring training advent calendar picture for the day: Goodyear Combined School District High School Band (the ‘Fighting Gila Monsters’) practicing for the parade from the city line to the Reds complex Sunday noon (local time)(FoxSportsOhio delayed tape broadcast Tuesday midnight).

Can we get Royce Clayton out of retirement to play backup shortstop?

I always liked Tomko, i’m just not sure how he could help the Reds this year.
If he’s pitching the majors for the Reds this year, we’re probably in trouble

It’s about Showtime. Have a good flight, Mark. Drink a pina colada poolside for us!

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