Fisher invited to camp

The Reds revealed Wednesday that RHP Carlos Fisher cleared waivers and was assigned outright to Triple-A Louisville. Fisher was invited to big league camp at Spring Training as a non-roster player. He was designated for assignment last week when the Reds needed a spot for the signing of OF Ryan Ludwick.

That brings the total to 57 players invited to camp.

Also have some added uniform numbers for you:

Fisher went from No. 46 to No. 53

Jeff Francis — No. 26

Wilson Valdez — No. 15

Willie Harris — No. 9


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Man, if this is the most boring part of the season….

Spring trsaining adevnt calendar picture – only four left: today a Norman Rockwell typr shot of Roy Oswalt wistfully looking through a knothole in the fence at the Goodyear complex. With the offseason done, what grade do we give Walt and the Reds? DId they fill the holes? Is the team A+ better or C+ better?

I was a teacher for many years, so I’m fairly experienced at handing out grades.
The offseason moves were an A plus…improving the very areas that demanded the most attention like a student focusing his studies on their recognized weaknesses to attempt to pull the overall grade up.
Problem is: An “A” coming off vacation-time doesn’t do all that much to pull up the overall average when the carried-over track record says C minus, accumulated from many grades over many months. Average stays somewhere in the low “B”, high “C” ballpark!
Most observers of this student’s progress have managed to over-excite themselves about possible progress. But, every once in a while, a student does rise up, surprise, and turn the whole year around. Rarely…

Between the two. It’s not A+ but its better than a C+. Didn’t get a great backup at short I don’t think. I thought we could have made a trade for a third baseman. Our pitching is strong, but it could be stronger. I love the additions, but there was still room for more to make it A+.

DRO’s comment reminds me of a story ascribed to almost every college coach in history: a player comes to him with a report card, four E’s and a C. The coach says, Son, it seems to me you’ve been concentrating too much on one subject. The Reds get an A in the pitching department, but did they just try to slide by at shortstop and leftfield? And you’re right, Curt, third base never made it over the horizon and may turn out to be a real problem. Nonetheless, if pitching is 90% of the game (with hitting and fielding the other 90%), then maybe it’s like a pre-med acing Organic Chemistry and skating by in Intro to Econ and Sociology 101. I give them a solid B – and since ultimately we’re going to grade on a curve, we need to see how the other students did. I looked over the Cardinals’ shoulder (by way of the article this past week in the Enquirer) and their lineup doesn’t strike fear – nor is it clear they’re going to be able to field the ball. They’re counting on Berkman, and until he proved everyone wrong last year, we assumed he was done. This year, he may well be. They have more question marks than the Reds, imho.

Can only create a curve after all the results from all the students are recorded…to do so before that juncture is a sheer waste of effort!

Too true! Hard to wait in this era of instant judgement (viz., ‘Linsanity’)

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