It’s February…camp is close

 The calendar has flipped to Feb. 1, which means we are essentially into the final stretch of the Reds off-season. Camp opens on Feb. 19 when pitchers and catchers report. I report to Arizona on the 18th. With this wacky warmer weather we’ve had, I only have 17 days to go in the bid to avoid using a snow shovel for the entire winter. Is writing that like jinxing a potential no-hitter?

*The Reds will load up their big truck for Goodyear on Feb. 9. It leaves GABP the following day.

*There are currently 55 players headed to camp. It will be 56 once LHP Jeff Francis is formally added as a non-roster player. It would not shock me if another one or two end up coming in as camp invites.

*Since it will likely be asked often over the next two months, here is the list of the Reds players that are out of options:

Jose Arredondo
Bronson Arroyo
Homer Bailey
Bill Bray
Miguel Cairo
Carlos Fisher
Juan Francisco
Nick Masset
Brandon Phillips
Wilson Valdez

*Congratulations to Reds scoreboard operator Rich Linville for his first round win over the Pirates in MLB Network’s “Baseball IQ.” Linville won $5,000 for the Reds Community Fund.

Until next time…


I once heard it described this way: the five most beautiful words in the English language are, “Pitchers and catchers report today!” Maybe working stiffs like you and some of the players themselves might hold a slightly different view (?)

I can’t wait. This is going to be a fun spring training and Season.

Ya, I bought a snow shovel this fall to prepare for my first winter in a long time. Well, turns out it was an awful purchase. I just hope no one gets hurt during the spring, but someone always does.

Please let people know how the roster looks and who is going to spring training as an invited player

Both lists can be found under “rosters” at the top of most pages. 40 on the roster as of this moment and 15 announced spring invitees to make a total of 55. However, Francis has yet to sign a minor league contract. When he does, he will be extended a spring invitation. That makes 56. Also, Ludwick remains, technically, in contractural limbo. When he is officially signed, he will displace some unknown on the 40-man, who, in turn, will be lost on waivers in all likelihood. Leaving the camp as of now at 56…

If that holds, there will need to be 31 cuts of one sort or another to get down to the required 25 for Opening Day!

We’ll be beyond lucky if Opening Day is as warm and sunny as today. Curt – you grew up here, right, so you know this weather has been weird? You’ll still need the shovel. Winter runs after p’s and c’s report. Hell, we’ve been snowed upon on Openning Day (the third time the outfielders left footprints when they ran in at inning’s end, we’ve gave up and watched the balance at a bar – I’m talking 20 years ago).

It appears that the Reds Saviour of only 3/4 years ago “The Mighty Homer”
has failed . He will be on the DL by May 1, & has been a huge disappointment.
He appears to be a Matt Belisle type. He will Not be in the Reds rotation by
June1,…… can hope that Chapman can replace him,……which also is
not assured.

sorry,I see Homer as one of the Reds strong points with 14-17 wins and even some hits while at bat, the worry has to be Scott Rolen on how many games he can play and attitude of Phillips who has sulked before and add leftfield and Stubbs . Bailey probably should have been packaged with Lecure for Seth Smith —-but Smith is not an ex-Cardinal ,but as long as hes a Red he deserves our support.

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