New uniform numbers

Earlier today, I provided some salary numbers.

Now without further adieu, here are some uniform numbers for new Reds players:


Andrew Brackman: No. 50
Josh Judy: No. 56
Mat Latos: No. 55
Ryan Madson: No. 46
Sean Marshall: No. 51

Position players:

Ryan Ludwick: No. 48
Denis Phipps: No. 23

Non-roster pitchers/players:

LHP Ron Mahay: No. 58
LHP Clay Zavada: No. 82
C Dioner Navarro: No. 30

Still missing are a couple of guys, like Willie Harris and Jeff Francis. And I noticed Carlos Fisher still had No. 46 also. There could be some changes between now camp opening and then again Opening Day. So if I were you, I might hold off ordering a new jersey, just in case.


Yeah, I’m glad I held out on buying that Carlos Fisher Jersey. 🙂

55 is going to be a popular jersey number now.

What happened to the rule where anyone who wore a number over 50 was some rookie or minor leaguer just trying to make the team?

It was never a rule, just convention. And convention wore thin when so many lower numbers began to be goobled up by team ‘retirement of number’ ceremonies.

This convention needs to be reinstated; all these retired numbers are making jerseys with numbers in the 50s and even 60s commonplace. Lots of teams now have more guys in the 50s than in single digits!

I’d much rather see a system where they *make* people wear the numbers of past greats instead of permanently depriving everybody of having them. Taking so many good numbers out of circulation is making a mockery of things. Last year, #66 Ondrusek, #63 LeCure, #57 Jeremy Horst… someone make it stop!

I guess I don’t see the issue. When I was eight or nine, I worried about player numbers. But I got over that!

Anybody know what Phipps (not Phillips LOL) can bring to the table for the Reds. He tore up triple A last year. I just don’t know much about him. Good defensively? Speed?

Mark: Wow! What a comprehensive job you do of reporting on the club! Not used to this. The Washington Nat’s reporter shut down his blog on 11/16 last yr. and only reports on the most important [read: everyone already knows about it from other sources] major news re the club. I hope the Reds fans appreciate how much you have them up-to-speed on everything concerning the club. I next expect to hear about the Reds family developments from the end of last season!!

I opened up the first window on my Spring Training advent calendar this morning, and it revealed a group picture of all the new Reds from the off-season: Latos, Alvarez, Francis, Marshall, Madson and Navarro.

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