Dollars and cents

Below you will find some detailed contract information about some recently signed Reds players with the salary figures, bonuses, etc.

Not included are the contracts for OF Ryan Ludwick and LHP Jeff Francis. The Reds still have a roster move pending to add Ludwick to the 40-man roster. Francis is still due to take a physical before signing his contract.

RHP Jose Arredondo:

Two years, $2 million
$800,000 in 2012, $1.2 million in 2013
Will donate $5,000 to club charity.

RHP Homer Bailey:

One year, $2.425 million
Performance bonuses: $25,000 for 162 ip, $25,000 for 170 ip, $25,000 for 180 ip.

RHP Andrew Brackman:

One year, $480,000 …. $500,000 in Majors.

LHP Bill Bray:

One year, $1.417 million

IF/OF Willie Harris:

Minor League contract for $2,500/mo. Major League contract for $800,000.
Performance bonuses: $50,000 for 200 plate appearances,$50,000 for 300 PA, $50,000 for 350 PA
Major League invitation to Spring Training.

SS Paul Janish:

One year, $850,000
Performance bonuses: $15,000 for 100 games, $15,000 for 120 games.

RHP Ryan Madson:

One year, $8.252 million, $11 million mutual option for 2013. ($2.5 million buyout)
$6 million in 2012, with $2 million deferred without interest.
Performance bonuses: $25,000 for All Star game; $50,000 for LCS MVP; $100,000 for World Series MVP; $100,000 for Rolaids relief winner ($75,000-2nd; $50,000-3rd)

RHP Nick Masset:

Two years, $5.5 million
2.4 million in 2012, $3.1 million in 2013.
Base salary in 2013 increases by $50,000 for 25 games finished in 2012; $100,000 for 40 GFs in 2012; $200,000 for 50 GFs in 2012; $200,000 for 60 GF in 2012. Plus in 2012-2013: $50,000 for 77g pitched. Plus in 2013: $50,000 for 25 GF; $100,000 for 40 GF; $200,000 for 50 GF; $200,000 for 60 GF.

IF Wilson Valdez, who avoided arbitration with the Phillies on Jan. 17 before his trade:

One year, $930,000.
Bonuses: $25,000 for Gold Glove, $25,000 for Silver Slugger, $25,000 for All-Star.

UPDATE — I left one guy out earlier today…

C Dioner Navarro:

Minor League contract for $15,000/mo. One year, $800,000 in Majors.

Performance bonuses: $50,000 for 250 plate appearances; $50,000 for 300 PA; $50,000 for 350 PA; $50,000 for 400 PA. Major League invitation to Spring Training.


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Other than posts like this, is there a publicly accessible (online) repository for contract details for all MLB players?

I’ve never visited the site, but I’ve heard this referred to innumerable times: or something to that effect. Anyway, Cots is the key word.

Mark…outstanding post above and thanks for the stie info on contracts.
Been looking for a definitive site about salaries for a long time.

Much appreciated. Not only interesting, but allows for insightes into
players thoughts…in some targeted ways.

Thanks again, Mark

best site for contracts my man is, awesome site!

Very nice work. Hopefully they all work hard to make the bonus money this season.

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Does anyone know Ryan Ludwick’s 2013 option salary figure?
Check out all MLB salaries, depth charts and stats at

Is the contract details for Willie Harris correct? The $2,500 per month seems very low even for a salary in the minors…

any thoughts on who will get dropped off 40 man to get Ludwick on?

Maybe the spot will be cleared via a trade. Or one of the older pitchers who’ve never stuck with the big club, like Carlos Fisher. Or, one of the prospective infielders who hasn’t been much ballyhooed, li8ke Donald Lutz. All guesses, of course.

I think it will either be Fisher or Kris Negron that will be taken off the 40 man roster,

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