Moves done? No Oswalt?

Remember at the beginning of the month when I said it could be a busy January for the Reds? I don’t think I was wrong.

Now, are they done yet?

“I think so, yeah,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty said.

But in talking to Jocketty about the Wilson Valdez trade and Nick Masset signing, he left the door open for some smaller moves.

“The only other things I might look for is for starting pitching and outfield depth on the Major League club,” Jocketty said. “In case of an injury, we’d have somebody. Other than that, we’re pretty much done.”

There’s been some speculation lately by media and fans that former Astros ace/Phillies star/Reds nemesis Roy Oswalt could find a home on the mound in Cincinnati since he is still out there on the free agent market. Jocketty seemed to drop a blanket on that small fire.

“They called us. I still don’t know how we can do it quite frankly,” Jocketty said. “We haven’t had any dialogue. I told them it would be hard financially to put a deal together and left it at that.”


Oh come on Walt, you can’t stop now. LOL He did a great job. This has been the best offseason I have ever seen for the Reds.

Too much money for the risk. The guy lost many weeks on the DL with a bad
back and that can recur without much of an injury. Wouldn’t want to see this
guy on the DL with a l-year $8M contract dangling in the wind. I am glad Walt
passed on Oswalt. Interesting, Oswalt wanted to play for the Reds and contacted
them first. Too bad…he was once a very superb pitcher that gave many teams the fits!

Would be nice if the club could find some $$$ to ink Oswalt. At least he would not be out there with some other club to beat the Reds’ brains out (as he has so often in his career). Believe he still has something left in the tank, too (providing his back checks out physically). He could also provide some experienced leadership to the other (younger) members of the pitching staff. And by his contacting the Reds, it probably shows that he would like to become a part of a contender. Might get him on a one-yr. deal if you’re patient enough.

Signing Roy Oswalt displaces Homer Bailey and blocks Aroldis Chapman from coming up later in the year (if necessary). I’m not willing to get rid of Bailey, who continues to get better every year, for a pitcher no one else seems interested in at the moment.

And to call him a Reds nemesis might have been accurate last year, but his last 2 starts against the Reds have been bad. The Reds killed him his last game in Houston and had him beat in the playoffs (only to have the bullpen falter).

Oswalt may SOUND good, but once you look past the name and look at what he is…an older, unemployed pitcher with back problems, his value to this current team seems minimal.

Francis closing in on a deal. Id rather have him than Oswalt personally.

How does the starting rotation project as of today?

I’d have Cueto, Latos, Leake, Bailey and Arroyo (almost certainly not in that order…I’m interested in hard and soft alternation, not ranking as a number 1 or 4 or whatever, which is pretty much meaningless after the first couple of weeks and remains meaningless until playoff time, should that occur). That leaves Francis and Chapman in Louisville for depth and LeCure on the big club as an emergency starter and long relief guy.

That’s the way I see it also. In fact, I think you have the pitching rotation
exactly as it will unfold. Many questions this off season about Arroyo; his
FB is now down to around 91, however if totally healthy that could change.
Another click on the calendar doesn’t help though. Bailey is a head scratcher.
Once thought to be the best thing since sliced cheese he just stinks up the
place on occasion (pun!). Hopefully, the guy will put it all together and show
us what he can truly do. Lastly, I really hope Chapman has learned control.
We paid alot of money for him to be an exceptional SP and like Bailey, the
years are clicking by without the Reds reaping the true benefits. Should they
fail to meet expectations, I would’nt be surprised to see their names bantered
about the trades.

I dont see Arroyo having issues this year. Last year he had mono early on and that can really knock someone out…especially when he has no time to recover before jumping into the season. He’s stated that he is devoting the entire offseason to getting stronger and spending less time doing social things. Look for him to bounce back strong this year.

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