Does Fielder deal affect Votto?

Lots of reports, led by Yahoo’s Tim Brown and CBS Network’s Jon Heyman, have Prince Fielder going to the Tigers on a nine-year $214 million contract.

(Cue shot of Krusty the Clown doing the backstroke in a pool of money and lighting cigars with dollars on The Simpsons)

What does this mean for Joey Votto after the 2013 season when he can hit the market? Nothing new, really. Votto will get paid handsomely if he becomes a free agent. It also doesn’t make it any harder, or easier, on the Reds than before. It already was a tough task to begin with to retain Votto whether Fielder did this deal or not — hence the urgency seemingly being placed on 2012 success in Cincinnati.

While he may have signed late — and with an unexpected club — the market rose to the level that many expected for Fielder this winter. 

*So Prince Fielder is not only out of the NL Central, he’s out of the NL — period. But he’s not done with the Reds quite yet. Detroit comes to Great American Ball Park June 8-10.

*In other ex-people from the NL Central news, MLB announced that former Cardinals skipper Tony LaRussa will still manager the NL squad at the 2012 All-Star game in Kansas City. This will mark the second time that a retired manager will lead an All-Star squad.  Hall of Fame manager John McGraw retired following the 1932 season and managed the N.L. squad in the first Midsummer Classic in 1933.


I am seriously happy that that ordeal is overb but it isnt it is another organization running amok who may get caught with their pants down if it does not produce plus pennents and actual happy days in the future.

Nice to see Prince is out of Central. Now onto other business. I want to see what Walt does now. Go Reds Go!

Toronto staying very quiet and saving money does not make me feel much better either.

How can the sport not collapse under the weight of these crazed guaranteed money contracts? If baseball is ninety percent pitching, why have 100% of the $200 M contracts gone to position players? (Pitchers’ arm health are too uncertain to justify long term deals, I get that, but look at Prince’s weight … what’s the prognosis for him 6 to 9 years from now?). Toronto saving money? How can a market like that hope to compete? Does anyone know enough to look two years ahead (really one or one-and-a-half) and pick out the likely big money market teams likely to pursue Joey Votto? Chicago Cubs or White Sox? LA Dodgers? SF Giants? New York Mets? (Not the Yankess or Red Sox, I’m thinking; and the Angels are set). I can’t imagine any others. I think the Reds are going to wish they had that $30 M Chapman money back. But let’s hope I’m wrong. 2012 is the year! It has to be! Let’s get started today. Open the camp and call the players in early! (OK, right after Caravan).

The sport will not collapse because there are enough huge markets to sustain such salaries. It only guarantees that the small markets will continue to get kicked to the side like a bunch of lifeless roadkills, plowed under by the economic arrangements and “unfairness of today” to borrow and lift a repeated notion and phrase from President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.

I don’t think I’d list San Francisco among the huge markets, larger than our beloved team, of course, but not on a par with the New Yorks, LAs, or Bostons and Chicagos. In fact, not even in the same league really. Chapman’s money, when divided by six years, becomes fairly insignificant when thinking about the amounts needed to even entertain the notion of trying to retain Votto.

Yes, we seem to have placed all our eggs into the 2012 basket. This is an unthinkable mistake, but perhaps your final lines are sprinkled with sarcasm? Therefore, pointing toward the same concern while, on the surface, remaining the loyal supporter!

“[Votto] a much better defender than Fielder, he’ll age better, so what’s he going to get — $250 million? $300 million?” — Buster Olney

Votto is going to be great for a long time, but 250 mil. i think you could get 3 great players for that kind of money.

Say $20 million per annum divided by three players gets you three $6 or 7 million players. Not elite players, if the have any years behind them, solid but not close to great. That’s the way the market now is.

Who does Cincinnati have at first base that they are grooming for the eventual departure of Votto. They just traded away Alonzo. Must have a backup plan in place.

They have a kid Soto that was MLB No. 7 top prospect amoung first basemen. He is at AA so probably 2 years out. He would be your backup plan.

Votto will be signing a like contract after 2013. Unfortunately I got the feeling that even if the Reds offered close to that he would still opt to head home to Toronto. His long term goals don’t reside here in Cincinnati. He was smart signing only through the arbitration years which could have been ugly for either team or player. He gets to play without the distraction of contracts. After the end of his contract, my guess is, he will file for free agency and get a large contract from Toronto his home town. I think the Reds realize this also that is why this year is so important to management. They realized that if they did not go all in this year they were looking at 2013 without Phillips and 2014 without Votto. (Look to the Marlins for small market success strategy, better than the previous Reds strategy that produced so many losing seasons.)

Phillips…that’s the guy I think the Reds should now focus on. There are very few 5-tool players like this guy that we could even trade for should we lose Phillips. However, with that said, I read
an article that indicates Phillips is not worried about re-signing and negotiating during the
upcoming season. This guys is a wizard at 2B and bats anywhere we put him! I’d really like to
see him signed as quickly as possible. He is not replaceable and cements our ‘up the middle’ duo.
I can still see some amazing plays he made this year in my minds eye. Wow. Come on Walt…
at lease a 3-4 year job.

Not being sarcastic – if we’re all in for 2012, I say the sooner we start the better. Tom – I don’t think Votto lasts as a Red to the end of the 2013 season. If they aren’t going to be able to sign him, they are going to have to try to trade him to a team that can. That’s by July 31, 2013 latest. More likely, it seems to me, after the 2012 season, or even midway through it if things go utterly badly this season. Mark, tell us if I’m wrongheaded here. Can you trade a player like JV midseason or before a contract extension? What should a fan expect. D R-O, I’m an utterly loyal fan – and really excited about the upcoming season. But Reds are like the New England climate – the good weather lasts so short and the winters go on so long. Here’s for a summer of ;’perfect weather’ (and a little magic, like every winner has).

I agree with you completely scarcastic or not. If the Reds for some catestrophic reason are not in the race at July 2012 Votto will be gone then. After 2012 there will be no reason to keep him going into 2013. They could trade him for a boatload of prospects to fill in holes created by the slew of 1 year contracts we have this year. The only way I see him a Red in 2013 is if Walt is able to extend several of the contracts ending at the end of 2012 and he sees the possibility of a repeat playoff/world series run. I hope that i am miss reading this because I like Votto and the way he approaches the game. In any event the 2011/2012 offseason has been one of the most exciting in recent memory and has given everyone in Reds country a reason for hope. Everyone should just sit back and enjoy this while it lasts. 25 more days before we begin.

Yes, Votto can be traded at anytime before his contract is up…mid-season or not. But based on the GM’s comments earlier this off-season, they want to win so moving their best player wouldn’t help. However, if in 2013, the Reds are 20 games out of first near July 31…I can imagine they would listen closely at offers.

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I’m certainly not opposed to trading Votto. We have Soto in the wings and
would certainly get a good deal for him. When we trade him is the only question;
it appears next year is the answer. Votto will demand in excess of $22M now that
Fielder set the bar.

Once noticeable factor for this season:

Pujols is gone…
Fielder is gone…
Ryan is hurt…

Should help carve off a little ERA for our pitchers; also puts Joey in the
drivers seat as top dog in the NL.

The Reds have really helped themselves this year; can’t remember when
I have seen them so agressive. Thank you Mr. Jocketty. However, there are
some monster trades in the AL and several teams have helped themselves
as well. Makes for an interesting year!

Now the Reds need to up that silly sub-par 79 W total to say…88-90.

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