Odds and ends

The additions of the Reds’ new Ryans — Madson and Ludwick — remain unofficial to this point and still pending physicals. Ryan Madson appears to be scheduled to have his physical on Friday. And Ludwick is slated to come to town next week.

I had a chat with Ludwick on the phone late this afternoon. There is a story up now on reds.com and MLB.com. Here is one of the quotes:

“Any time you’ve been counted down and out like I have for a year and a half, it’s tough on you mentally,” Ludwick said. “I’ve been busting my butt to get back to where I was. I’ll try to open some eyes, be a good teammate and help the club win. I think having another World Series in Cincinnati would be unbelievable. I’d like to get back to the playoffs myself. It’s been since 2009 for me.”


In some former Reds news —

*SS Orlando Cabrera announced his retirement on Wednesday while on a Colombian radio station. That eliminates one more free agent shortstop but when I last checked on him, the Reds had no talks with Cabrera about coming back.

*OF Jonny Gomes appears close to signing with the A’s, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. If that is the case, Oakland should be a nice move for Gomes. He is from nearby Petaluma, Calif.


I am hoping Ludwick can do well in GABP this season.

Great to see that Jonny G. will have a home this yr. Watched him in DC after he was traded, and he went all out for the Nats and became a fan favorite (as he has wherever he has been). His defensive efforts have improved markedly. Everyone knows that he is a streak hitter. Thought he would hold the LF job for the Reds for a few yrs., but, for some unknown reason, fell on hard times. Hope he re-discovers his stroke and prospers in the AL, again.

When is next signing go reds 2012 and lets ride ludwich madson and latos to the title

I wholeheartedly agree, Jim F. Gomes will always be a fan favorite because where ever he goes he works his butt off and gives some good solid AB’s. Shame he carries a lot of downside…..hot/cold hitter….mediocre fielder…not a lot of speed. But he makes up for it with a lot of heart and a lot of hard work. Never looks like a slacker on the field. Definitely miss Jonny.

You know what we need? An advent calendar we can open up a door on every morning until pitchers and catchers report. I’m getting anxious!

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