Bailey, Janish signed

Homer Bailey and Paul Janish joined Bray to avoid arbitration by signing one year contracts today. The AP is reporting that Bailey got $2.4 million in his deal. That’s a rather nice jump in pay from the $441,000 he earned last season.

Jose Arredondo and Nick Masset are the only remaining Reds players eligible for arbitration. Numbers were exchanged today.

Arredondo is seeking $875,000 while the club counter offered at $725,000. He made $480,000 last season.

Masset is seeking $2.9 million while the Reds offered $2.1 million. He made $1.825 million in 2011.


Wow, Bailey got a nice raise. I hope he can stay healthy now.

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More one-year contracts. Next off-season’s going to be wild. Okay, so where does that leave BP’s extension? Is it all about 2012, and then rebuild or re-sign Joey and nothing’s leftover for rebuilding? Or is there money left for BP? Here’s a more specific question: is Jay Bruce the only player signed past the end of 2013?

One-year contracts to avoid arbitration are a very, very common thing. And it’s not just a club desire sometimes. Players and agents can want. The Reds offered Volquez a four-year deal last year similar to what Cueto signed for. He declined and rolled the dice with a one-year contract. It big time backfired on him. But if he won 15-20 games and did well overall, he would have positioned himself for an even richer contract.

I really hope it pays off then and Bailey has a little more pep to his step in 2012.

I get it regarding Volquez. I remember when we got Tony Fernandez for a year because he got caught in a sideways free agent market and he played 3B for the Reds very unhappily and grotesquely underpaid. (Best fielding 3Bman Marty B had ever seen with the Reds, he said at the time). However, betting on the future seems like a bad bet for Janish and Bailey, especially Janish. However, let that go … Are longterm contracts going to be less common anyway? The new CBA in football has significantly affected the rookie contracts. Will the new baseball agreement affect contracts in any particular way?

Don’t understand the large Bailey increase ($1.8 million). Do not believe his performance merited this. He has long been in the “development” phase. I certainly hope that at some point he reaches his potential. Maybe this will instill some confidence in him. If not, this may be his last yr. with the Reds.
As for Janish, I think that he has a good chance of returning to his back-up form that he displayed in ’10 when he played behind Cabrera. The pressure to produce will be less than last yr. when he was THE man. He will also have something to prove (again) if Cozart is the regular. Certainly the price is right, and that’s what Jocketty is, apparently, focusing on. Why not? He already has his starting SS. And then maybe Frazier will surface as a good replacement if Janish falters.

Performance has very little to do with salary structure and where a specific salary gets pegged. Most of it is determined by length of service and major league level of experience. This is the explanation behind the increase for Bailey. An arbitration played out would likely have yielded an even higher increase based on service and his comparison to similarly-positioned players in the same category.

A somewhat valid point to Bailey’s salary increase issue. You may be right about what an arbitration would have yielded for him. Performance does play a role,though from what I have observed in arbitrations that have played out to a decision. You couldn’t have a 1-9 record with an ERA of 6.00 and expect much from even that process. (However, if your stat’s are that dismal, you would probably find yourself waived.) Still believe that Homer should be VERY happy with his new contract.

Bailey will breakout this year, I have full confidence in that. He’ll get a big payday next year, hopefully from the Reds. He’s still one of my favorite players on the team. And I agree with the Janish statement. I would rather him be the backup then someone off the free agency market. You aren’t going to find anyone better this late anyway.

Paul Janish sucks. He can’t hit. they should of released him.

Walt Weiss couldn’t hit, but he was a huge part of that Rockies team because everyone else could hit and he was just the glue of the defense. Oh how times have changed.

They haven’t changed that much! You are dead on, and the previous poster is laughably wrong. Janish will be the back-up and a valuable one to boot.

Bailey will have his breakout season huh? A breakout year for him in my opinion is a healthy season. If he does that, I will be happy. The most innings he has ever pitched in a season is 132 and that was last year. He just can’t stay healthy, but can flash dominance at times….I stress AT TIMES! Janish is not my favorite guy, but I was high on him going into last year and he really let me down, so I may be bias. He hit well in 2010 and he can glove it.

I also believe Janish should be our backup at short. I do not see wasting cash on any of the free agents out there to sit on the bench as backup. None would have enough impact on the teams performance to warrent the cash they would cost.
While Bailey is not high on my list he has such a high ceiling that he could be a big key to winning a championship. He he does no better than last year I think that is about what you are paying for compared to other starting pitchers of the same salary. The Reds got a bargain if he starts approaching his potential.
32 days until pitchers and catchers report.

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