Madson – updated figures

A formalized contract between the Reds and prospective new closer Ryan Madson might take several days.

A source told on Wednesday that Madson will get a one-year guaranteed contract that pays him $6 million in 2012 with an $11 million option for 2013 that carries a $2.5 million buyout. So that’s $8.5 million guaranteed. Some of the money will be spread out over four years.

One of the issues holding up a deal being formalized is that Madson is on vacation and has yet to be scheduled for a physical. Reds general manager Walt Jocketty is currently attending the owner’s meetings in Phoenix and could not be reached for comment.


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Still a good pick up by the Reds. i am looking forward to seeing how well he does in Great American Ball Park.

Is the option mutual or club option?

I’ve heard its mutual, so hold off on popping that champagne cork!

deal of the off-season right there.

Not so concerned about his ability to pitch in Great American Ball Park as Madson is coming from a very hitter friendly park in Citezens Bank Park. If anything, he gets to come from a very high stress media town in Philly to a much calmer environment in Cincy.

It is a great team. Only missing is LF. There are 3 candidates available. Seth Smith, Ryan Ludwick and Gerardo Parra. Comparisons:
GERARDO PARRA- Arizona- Gold Glover 2011
G AB H D T HR RBI K % %/B Fielding
141 Ri 351 104 18 8 4 31 64 .296 .364 Assist DP
Le 94 26 2 – 4 15 18 .277 .357 12 5 .990
Totals 445 130 20 8 8 46 82 .292 .362 Las. yr salary $ 426.000

147 Ri 384 115 29 8 14 47 74 .299 .365 5 0 .978
Le 92 20 3 1 1 12 19 .217 .272
Totals 476 135 32 9 15 59 93 .284 .347 Las. yr salary $ 429,000

139 Ri 368 84 17 – 10 49 103 .226 .229 10 2 .992
Le 121 32 6 – 3 20 40 .264 .342 Las. yr salary $6,775,000
As you may see,the new LF will need to bat better against Lefty- Parra bat better %,had more HR,strike out less and field by far much better. They need relievers
Nick Masset & Carlos Fisher or Sam Le Cure in a change. Will not cost much based on last year salary( USA Today) and will eliminate Masset which was a failure 2011.

Lionel Muller

Jose Arrendondo, Homer Bailey and Carlos Fisher are out of options so those might be the guys that get traded instead of LeCure and Masset. Although I am really not sure they really want to trade Bailey.

Should be good!

I wouldn’t give up on Homer Bailey yet. Especially until we see how the Chapman experiment works. Wouldn’t want go from deep in the pitching department to thin with one bad trade.

I think we are OK with the rotation. What I want is to get rid of Nick Masset with/ or another reliever for a good left hand batter ( Guillermo Parra ) which would not start in Arizona’s outfield. He will help Chris Heisey in the left field against lefty pitching and will help in center if Drew Stubbs start the year with a lot of K’s.

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