Madson agrees w/Reds


A baseball source has confirmed to that the Reds have agreed to terms late Tuesday on a one-year, $10 million contract with free agent closer Ryan Madson.


Well — this is an about face from the last blog post and a story that I wrote for…

According to several reports, the Reds have agreed to terms late Tuesday on a one-year contract with free agent closer Ryan Madson.’s Jon Heyman reported it first. I am still trying to confirm this myself and have several calls out.

Citing sources, Heyman earlier in the evening that talks between the two sides were heating up and in the serious stages. However, a source familiar with the situation had downplayed the report to, saying it was unlikely the Reds would get Madson unless his agent — Scott Boras — came well off the demand of a four-year, $44 million contract he had been reportedly been wanting.

And with this seeming to be a one-year deal for Madson, that certainly appears to be the case.

The Reds have not announced any agreement. A message was left with general manager Walt Jocketty.

**UPDATE: According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the deal is worth in excess of  $10 million. So, wow. That’s a big jump from the Reds have seemingly indicated they had to spend. Of course, it says even more than the Latos/Marshall trades how bad they want to win the NL Central in 2012.


Wow, I think it is safe to say now that the Reds are all in to win now!

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I’d still like them to add one more arm and a RH bat…that bat would preferably be a guy who hits for average and also can take a walk…then let the big guns knock you in!

LOVE What the team has done this off season!

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ESPN reporting this morning 1 year 8.5m. Reds seem to be going for it this year. Definitely have done the most upgrading in the division. Now, lets just stay healthy!

I love the aggression. But why the 1 year deal. If he was looking for a 4 year 44 mil deal, isnt it feasable that we could have gotten him for at least a 2-3 year, at about 8-9 mil a season. 10 mil just seems pricey for 1 year, except if he has already performed for the team in the past. 1 year deals should be reserved for utility players and backup positions players, not you #1 closer type. I love Madsen, and even met him in philly one year when he was throwing in the bullpen, tossed my wife a ball.

It’s not necessarily feasible to assume that multi-year deal. I imagine if Boras couldn’t get the Papelbon money they wanted, he was going to take a one-year deal so he could pitch for the Papelbon contract next offseason. Just taking a year less and a few million less doesn’t help him, and if the talk of an option is on-base, Madson could be looking at a guaranteed $10-12 million including buyouts.

Wow a big surprise to wake up to. It really shows the intent to win in 2012. I am worried what this indicates for beyond 2012 and for a long term contract extention for Phillips. With Madson and Marshall obtained for only one year it doesn’t bode well for that extension. On the other hand I have not looked forward to a season starting as much as I do this one.

Go Reds! World Series or bust.

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All in for 2012. All out for 2013. Went to the Phillies site – no mention of the Madson deal in the blogs. Now, did I miss something – is Phillips on board for 2012? No, apparently not, though he’s slated for the caravan. Is there money left to sign him? No LF signing, no veteran SS? Are all those three things possible with the money that’s left? Meanwhile, what’s the status of the most important off-season move – Chapman to the starting rotation? One thing I found at the Phillies site – Dontrelle Willis has signed for $850,000 with a bunch of incentives. One is $25,000 if he wins the silver slugger award.

Maxblue –

Phillips is signed for 2012, but not beyond that. They have been working on an extension for him. The two one-year contracts for Madson and Marshall do not hurt the Reds chances of extending Phillips as Phillips is already signed for 2012 and these two guys are not signed after 2012. Although it could mean that the Reds will lose the back end of there bullpen after the season.

Jason – thanks. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance. I knew, but forgot, BP’s not a free agent. But you’re info just confirms my belief: all in for 2012; all out for 2013. With a closer and set-up guy, the best 2B in the NL and an MVP 1B to re-sign, where’s all that money going to come from? Are the Reds trying to go Florida Marlins on us: win it all one year, tear it down and begin rebuilding the next? Is this a better strategy than building from within and hoping the home-grown talent all matures at once to produce a (relatively cheap) winner? Or maybe the Reds can have it both ways. Does the team have a 1B in the pipeline?

I have similar concerns. I’m excited for the upcoming campaign. No doubt a huge pitching improvement, especially for the back end of the bullpen. I had been screaming about the bullpen since last May; seems the brass also noted its failings, as I had, long before everyone else began to chime in with symptoms of overuse and the like. It was a major flaw almost from the beginning of 2011. All that appears to have been addressed.

But in doing so and in making the upgrade in the starting staff, the entire philosophy that seems to have governed this organization (and that must govern any small market team) seems to have been utterly abandoned. Perhaps the farm hasn’t been razed, but a few of the sturdier structures of recent years have been damaged and toppled. Long term this will not work. So, maxblue, your succint summation is very apt: all in for 2012; all out for 2013 and, I’m afraid, for a very long time thereafter.

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