Larkin headed to Cooperstown

Barry Larkin is in. The Reds great shortstop is now a Hall of Fame shortstop. Needing 75 percent for election, Larkin was named on 86 percent of ballots cast (495 votes out of 573 ballots). The 47-year-old was the only one to get in.

Others on the ballot:

Jack Morris: 67 percent
Jeff Bagwell: 56 percent
Lee Smith: 51 percent
Tim Raines: 49 percent

Congratulations to Barry Larkin. There will be much more coverage today on and Click here for my first story


This is just the start to a great year for the Reds! Congrats Barry Larkin.

Couldn’t be happier, grew up idolizing this guy and still wear #11 on my jersey’s to this day because of him. Very well deserved, congrats Barry

Congrats to you Barry from all of us here in Cincinnati! Wish everyone could have seen the way you performed for 19 years. We’re all so proud of you. You’re the best! Looking forward to seeing you honored in Cooperstown this summer!

Congratulations Barry! Well deserved. Thanks for all you did while playing for the Reds! A Red Letter Day for sure for everyone in Cincinnati to have one of their own represent the city in such a distinguished way.
I also think Dave Concepcion should also be there. He was the best shortstop of his era but viewed as just an average player because he played in the same lineup as four other Hall of Famers, Bench, Morgan Perez and Rose should be there.

The Reds were blessed with 2 great shortstops for many years. Concepcion followed closely by Larkin. This is well deserved for a great guy and a great shortstop. Didn’t Larkin offer to pay for a grass field at Riverfront Stadium? Or is that a myth? Congrats Barry. Enjoy watching him on Baseball Tonight also.

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