Jenkins, camp invites

The Reds announced Friday that Mack Jenkins has been promotes to assistant pitching coach on the Major League club.

Jenkins has been with organization for 22 years, the first 16 as a minor league pitching coach and the last six as the minor league pitching coordinator.

I don’t recall an assistant pitching coach for the Reds at the big league level before. Does anyone remember that happening?

(UPDATE: It has not been done with the Reds before in a formal capacity. Click here for my short story with quotes from Jenkins)

Also the following were signed to Minor League contracts with invites to Spring Training as non roster players:

RHP Sean Gallagher, LHP Jeremy Horst, RHP Chad Reineke, LHP Clayton Tanner, RHP Kanekoa Texeira, C Brian Esposito, C Corky Miller and OF Daryl Jones


Very interesting. Go Corky!!!! Is this maybe to help with Andrew Brackman?

Doubt there was that kind of calculation. You always have need of an extra catcher within your organization that you’re confident calling on at any moment and who will hang around for relatively little money. Corky is ours and has been for a while.

Sorry, I meant the move with getting an assistant pitching coach.

I know why Corky is going to spring training. He rocks!

Understood. And you may have more of an argument on those grounds though the article does claim that the idea had been bandied abpiut for some time within the organization.

Wow, Corky has been signing one year and minor league contracts forever! What a gamer. If the Reds were to win it all they should give Corky a ring.

They should, and probably will, give him a job!

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