A comment on the commenters

I recently received some end of year Mark My Word blog stats for 2011. Among the myriad things it pointed out to me — most of the readers here are from the United States (go figure), followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

But the one that I really wanted to share now was the most frequent commenters. The top 4 are as follows:

Denny-Reds Observer

Comments are often the lifeblood of blogging and keeping a conversation going. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that you often chime in and chat it up and I believe it has definitely drawn others to comment as well. Most importantly, you’ve kept it civil.

Thanks much, guys. Please keep it coming and I hope more people  join you with blog comments in 2012.


I hadn’t really commented much on your blog, but I anticipate doing it more if there more commenters… I had been pretty regular on John Fay’s blog but, he changed over to a Facebook type commenting system, it was already a mess … not it’s worse… He’s going strictly to RSS feed reading.


Sheldon just brings the facts, that’s why I stay on this blog. Most other writers have an agenda and just ramble on about themselves and what they think. You don’t get that here. The only problem is that he takes too much vacation.

I second a lot of what Curt says above. Sheldon’s blog is always measured and professionally delivered. That drives some people, those who want him to echo their opinions, bonkers. But many of us appreciate this tastefulness, and, appropriately, it gives all of us the chance to opine away to our hearts content and, as Sheldon put it, engage in spirited, though civil, conversation. I hope more will enter into the fray in 2012 but within this same spirit!

Mark, despite Curt’s comment about your vacation (meant in jest, I trust), you may be the hardest working man in MLB. I’ve looked at some of the other team’s official blogs. Your’s is the best and most regular I’ve seen. Meanwhile, bring on the commenters. The more the merrier! Though, I must say, D R-O and Curt the Bobcat make keeping it civil a challenge! Jes’ kiddin’!

Hey! lol

You do a great job with this blog Mark. I read it on a daily basis during the season and check for updates all off-season. Keep up the good work bud. Let’s go Reds in 2012. I think something special is about to happen for this team…..similar to 1990.

I agree with everyone, this is a great blog and fun to read. Keep up the great work Mark.

Now we just have to make sure that Mark and Jamie don’t take any more holidays for the rest of the year and we will be set. 🙂

Hey Mark, when you are off on one of your awesome vacations this season, (I assume you just go to all inclusive resorts in the Caribbeans or something), how about you let me do a guest blog or two on a weekend series you are missing? Don’t worry, you can edit it first, not that it would need to be. Thanks.

“Most importantly, you’ve kept it civil.” There goes that idea if he says yes to this. LOL

Ha, I’m civil, I just give Denny a hard time sometimes because he’s a little too negative. You’ll have that though. At least Denny cares, that’s good enough for me.

Yes…we’ve had a clash or two or three over the past many months, but my sense too is that it has always been rooted in passion with very differing outlets.

Curt — I’d have to mull that idea over. The general company preference is that only the beat writers write on their own blogs. I’ve had only one sub, and that was a fellow MLB.com writer when I was out for the birth of my second son for two weeks in Spring Training 2009.

You can always start your own blog Curt. 🙂

Was R2D2 already taken?
Any news on REDS Caravan 2012? It’s in 3 weeks…

ha ha, 2r2d means more to me,

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