Welcome to 2012

Greetings and Happy New Year to all…

I hope your holidays were enjoyable and restful, if you were able to take some time off. I was fortunate in that regard as the Reds have kept things quiet since the trade for Sean Marshall.

I don’t expect it to stay quiet for long. Here is a brief listing of Reds transactions from the past two Januarys:

Jan. 2010:

Signed Aroldis Chapman to a six-year, $30 million contract
Signed Nick Masset to two-year contract
Signed Jared Burton to a one-year contract
Signed Jose Arredondo to a Minor League deal
Signed Miguel Cairo to a Minor League deal

Jan. 2011:

Signed Jeremy Hermida to a Minor League deal
Signed Jared Burton to a one-year contract
Signed Edgar Renteria to a one-year contract
Signed Fred Lewis to a one-year contract
Signed Joey Votto to a three-year, $38 million contract
Signed Bill Bray to a one-year contract
Signed Johnny Cueto to a four-year, $27 million contract
Signed Edinson Volquez to a one-year contract

Jan. 2012: ????

There is a lot remaining on GM Walt Jocketty’s plate this off-season. There is the Brandon Phillips extension talks, the efforts to sign a closer, a left fielder and perhaps an infielder. There are six arbitration cases pending. There’s even little stuff like the expected signing of pitcher and Moeller product Andrew Brackman, which has been delayed from becoming official  for some unknown reason.

So keep checking in here and on MLB.com and Reds.com — because news is likely to start breaking at any point.


I think you are right, this is going to be another very busy January,

Mark, I will remain on high alert, ever ready but ever sanguine. Are there ‘big’ moves left available to make in LF and IF? When does Brandon’s leverage peak, before or after Spring Training opens? Ditto with Cordero?

Mark, what’s the chance that the Reds are the “mystery team” that will sign Coco Crisp? I know his OBP is not what you want but he seems like the best OF left among FA. Would make for a great defensive OF as well. What do you think?

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Mark. What about going after Ordonez? Solid RH bat coming off an off season. Can play LF most days. Think they’d take a chance there. Would definitively show they mean business this season.

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