Cordero and Reds still talking

 There could be some movement, one way or another, in the next few days on free agent closer Francisco Cordero. The Reds are still in the running.

“We’re still talking with [Cincinnati] and a couple of other clubs,” Cordero’s agent, Bean Stringfellow, said on Tuesday. “We’re making progress on a lot of fronts. Multi-year contracts are definitely involved.

“The Reds are involved and are still interested in bringing him back. I am talking with them on a regular basis.”

Stringfellow declined to detail the specific numbers being bandied about with the Reds in negotiations. It seemed like he was optimistic about where talks were going with the different clubs and that a deal was possible.

“It could be today or 10 days from now. I don’t know,” Stringfellow said. “I do know that we’re closer now than we’ve been. I don’t think it will carry on too much longer.”

I have a call into the GM’s office to see what the Reds are saying or thinking. Look for a full story later on


‘Multi-year contracts are definitely involved’ Ouch, that means the Reds are at the bottom with their one year offer.

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god i hope the reds didnt offer him more than one year. haven’t they learned from their 4 year, $46 million mistake?

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My Head Hurts! Don’t Bring Him Back!!!

You can bring him back for two years, with a buyout after the first year. If he’s good, you can get him the second year at somewhat of a bargain. If he has a bad year, you buy him out and move on. I’m not ready for the Nick Masset era yet. I was last year, but not anymore.


Why does everyone hate Cordero so much? He’s coming off a great year, has saved 150 games for the Reds in 4 seasons, and really cut down on his walks in 2011. He can play for me anyday.

Because people just want change. Really no other reason than that.

Why not try out Marshall as the closer. We already have Bray as a lefty set-up guy. If he is the best lefthanded reliever in the NL, he can probably be the best lefthanded closer.

I don’t disagree with that idea. But I think you bring on Cordero also. If for some reason Cordero struggles mightily, then you have Marshall as a backup plan.

It sure would make for a fun 2012. Now we just have to hope Masset and the other right handers in the bullpen can do good too.

As long as Dusty is managing this club the bullpen will always be a mess. He slots a guy in a spot (closer, 8th inning setup, etc.) and keeps in there even when the guys are struggling. Perfect example is Masset; last year he was decent but the reason everyone has horrid memories of him is because Dusty kept running him out there in the most important part of tight games even when he couldn’t get anybody out. Dusty is this team’s biggest problem and we are completely wasting one of Votto’s last 2 years here in Cincy by not getting a new manager.

Bean Stringfellow? Cordero’s agent is named Bean Stringfellow? If I were Coco, I’m not sure I’d trust that guy to negotiate on my behalf. Personally, I hope Cordero signs with the Reds. He’s bound to have two more good years.

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