Closers dwindling

As you may have heard, the Red Sox acquired closer Andrew Bailey from the A’s in a trade on Wednesday. At one point this winter, the Reds were linked to Bailey in rumors.

The once vast quantity of available closers is drying up.

Only two free agent closers remain on the market in Ryan Madson and of course, Francisco Cordero. Also on the market is a former closer in Brad Lidge and David Aardsma, who did not pitch in 2011.

Which direction do you think the Reds will go? Madson would seemingly be out of the Reds price range. But would he come way down to pitch in Cincinnati maybe for one year and re-enter the market next year? Obviously, Cordero wanted to come back when the season ended. That seems the most logical move to happen…if the price is right.

There are also in house options, perhaps. Lefty Sean Marshall was just acquired and then there are also Bill Bray, Nick Masset, Logan Ondrusek etc.

Update: My colleague in Seattle, Greg Johns, informed me that Aardsma (a former Mariners closer) isn’t even viable since he won’t be back from Tommy John surgery until midseason. So cross him off too.


I really think Cordero will come back. If he doesn’t then I think they will just go with in house options and I would not blame them, there are some great guys that could take on that role for 2012.

closers are overrated. hell you gotta be winning in the ninth before you even need one. maybe the reds should concentrate in getting that far first. coco is a first and second batter walk machine anyway. we don’t need anymore ninth inning heart attack drama. let that rest with danny graves, eddie guardado, and cordero. closer by committee! bring back the NASTY BOYS!

I got goosebumps when I saw Nasty Boys! Now that was a bullpen. These young kids today don’t know what a bullpen is. LOL

While the focus now is on obtaining a closer, the Reds are still short at least one quality member of their starting rotation. While Cueto and Matos are top-line pitchers, the rest are still suspect. Arroyo still pitches his 200 innings (or close to it); but he was hardly a puzzle for NL batters last yr. And who else will blossom? Bailey has yet to reach his touted potential and who knows how Chapman will perform in a starter’s role? At least one of these three will have to come on big-time next yr., and the rest also improve, for the Reds to become a major threat at the divisional level, let alone beyond that. Left field also is a question mark, as is, of course, the closer’s role. While improved, they still have a significant way to go.
But we can all continue to hope!

Cordero had an outstanding season in 2011 and I would love to have him back in Cincy in 2012 and beyond. I hope Cordero and the team can agree on a contract that works for both parties.

Cordero for two years is the way to go. Then we should be able to trade Votto for a future closer. I don’t want to trade Votto either, but it’ll probably happen and Walt is aware of that and needs to keep that gameplan in line.

With Boston getting their closer Cordero has one less team going for him now so the Reds should be able to get a deal done if they really want him.

Count on at least two alleged starters being on the Disabled List when they
depart Goodyear for the opener.Bailey would be one, probably Chapman
the other. So who are the Reds no.6, & 7 Alleged starters?

Chapman is the only back-up starter behind Cueto, Arroyo, Latos, Leake, and Bailey, now that both Maloney and, more important, Wood are long gone. And I don’t think Chapman will be ready for the big club even if healthy. I see no other starters per se on the 40-man who have anything beyond AA or A experience. Perhaps LeCure could do the job in an emergency, but we all better pray for the consistent health of the five listed above. That thinness could prove to be a major Achilles’ heel in 2012.

I’m here in my office with the radio going in the background. And suddenly, I’m sick to death of music and all I want to be listening to is a Reds spring training game! I don’t know if I like or not the big moves of the past two weeks, but I am super anxious to find out how they turn out. Bring it on! Can’t wait! So, happy new year’s to all of you! Mid-February can’t come until we put Jan 1 behind us!

I have no problem with Cordero coming back. He did a good job last year. I would not go any further than 2 years though. The way I see things now we will have questions a short and catcher, I like both Cozart and Mesaroco but neither has proven themselves. We can only sit and wait to see how they do. Left field and Closer though are Walt’s last areas he can improve going into the season. I would love to have a good solid right handed bat to place between Votto and Bruce in our lineup.
Cant wait until spring training gets here.

I think that the Reds do sign Cordero, but for just one year. Hopefully he has a season like 2011 and not 2010. The in-house options are good, but not as good as Cordero if he pitches at his peak. I think the big pitching questions are Chapman and Leake. The first four in the rotation are Cueto, Latos, Bailey and Arroyo. Without Wood, Chapman would be the Reds only shot at a lefty in the rotation, but his health is a major concern. Perhaps middle relief is where Chapman will stay. He can pitch an inning or two once or twice a week and not overuse hhis arm. Of course this woudl be a far reduced return on the investment than expected when he was signed. Leake will be successful in whatever role he is asked to fill. has anyone considered LeCure as closer? He may not have the traditional “stuff” of a closer, but he has the right mindset and a knack for getting out of jams.

Lecure as the closer? lmao Look at the bad strech he had last year He would have blown at least 5 or more games during his bad strech You cvant have that from a closer. And short and catcher havent proven themselves because they havent played much yet jeez is there any fans on here who know any thing about baseball?

I have no problem with Marshall closing. That would give them more $ to invest in a 4th outfielder (Cody Ross?). I also assume they’re at least negotiating with Thiebault about being the middle IF sub.

The Reds need to either re-sign Coco or get another stud for their bullpen to be considered better than last year’s relief squad.

Sheldon, I know Josh Willingham signed with the Twins, but what $$$ did he get and for how long? I was seriously disappointed Walt didn’t make a better effort to sign him. As someone else on here said, the Reds need a strong RH bat in the 4 hole so Votto can see a few more fastballs in the zone. Was Willingham just out of the Reds league price wise?

Willingham signed with MIN for three years, $21 million.

welp, guess the reds won’t get carlos quetin. he just got traded to the pads. he would have destroyed GABP.

Why do I have the feeling Ryan Madson is talking to St. Louis…..?

Happy New Year to all Cincinnati fans! May 2012 visit us with ultimate joy.

Ultimate joy – Reds turn a triple play in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 of the WS, with the tying run on third!

Maybe not that “ultimate”. Though I do remember an Opening Day game in 1991 that ended with a line-drive double play. Fairly unusual in and of itself, but to end a game that Way! And the first one of a campaign!

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