Marshall trade official

Seeking to shore up the back end of their bullpen, the Reds on Friday completed the trade that acquired lefty reliever Sean Marshall from the Cubs.

Clearly in the mode of going for it in 2012, Cincinnati paid a heavy price in parting with young talent for the second time in a week. Going to Chicago in the deal are left-handed starting pitcher Travis Wood, outfielder Dave Sappelt and minor league outfielder Ronald Torreyes

Although the Reds still have an opener for the closer’s role, Marshall will be employed as a set-up with the Reds.

My take — once again a big price to pay this week in a trade, especially with Wood being a 24-year-old lefty with talent staying in the division. Personally, I wasn’t very high on Sappelt like many were. His deficiencies in the field and on the bases were exposed during his call-up and he didn’t hit all that well.

In getting Marshall, he could be a big boost in the bullpen. He’s one of the best in the league at setting up and he could really be an asset along with Masset and Bray. However, I have to wonder if there’s an extension in the works for the Reds to make such a deal when Marshall can be a free agent after 2012. He’ll make $3.1 million next season.


I think it will be a very good move for the Reds in 2012.

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