Jocketty, Marshall on trade

Snippets from today’s Reds conference call. I have a fully updated story on and You can listen to Sean Marshall by clicking here.

Walt Jocketty:

“This is another one we have worked on for a while. I talked to Theo about it first at the GM meetings, expressing some interest in Sean. We kind of followed up on it after that. It didn’t really start escalating until the last week or so.”

“He’s one of the top left-handed relievers in the game, a guy we’re really impressed with and always had difficulty hitting against. We felt he’d be a great addition to our club.”

Could Marshall be the closer?

“It’s a possibility. We’re still talking with Cordero. But if we don’t sign or acquire a closer, we have several guys we feel can take over that role. Sean would certainly be one of them.”

Does shedding seven prospects indicate a big push for 2012?

“There were some areas we thought we were lacking in. The way to address it for us was to do it through the trade market. We’re not going to go out and afford high-priced free agents. That’s part of the reason we sign and develop players – whether we use them to keep for our major league club or use them in trades. I never like giving up young players. It’s always an extremely difficult call for me to talk to these young guys when we trade them. But sometimes we feel it’s necessary to do that.”

Could Marshall be signed to an extension?

“There are no guarantees. But we’re going to do our best to try and sign him. Hopefully when Sean gets to Cincinnati and sees what a great place it is to play, a great organization we have and a good ballclub, that he’s going to want to stay for a while.”

Any more moves coming?

“After the first of the year, we’ll take a look at some things. We still want to address our bench, maybe left field and see what we can do.”

Are Reds close to adding Andrew Brackman?

“I think it’s pretty close. if it’s not done, it should be done any day. I’m not sure what’s holding it up to be honest.”

What about the addition of RHP Josh Judy?
“We had very good reports from three of our top scouts ad we like his arm. He’s a guy that will fit in to the bullpen mix. He has options so he would give us depth with our pitching staff at Louisville if he doesn’t make the club.”

LHP Sean Marshall:

Is he comfortable facing both right-handed and lefty hitters?

“I’ve had similar success vs. left-handed hitters and right-handed hitters. I think some of the pitches and off-speed pitches that I throw can be effective for both. I didn’t have a problem last year and the previous years when Lou or Mike Quade put me in a situation where I’d face three righties in an inning. It didn’t at all intimidate me.”

Would he be comfortable closing?


“I enjoyed it. It was a thrill for me. I enjoyed it, being able to lock the game down and seal a win for the team. I’m more than comfortable in the closer’s role.”

How did he feel about being traded?

“It came as a surprise. But I understand the moves Theo and the crew are making. At first, it’ll be a bit of an adjustment. I had my whole career here as a Cub. But I understand I’ve been lucky in that aspect. It’s part of the game with trades and signing with different teams. I’m just looking forward to embracing the opportunity to go to the Reds and have a chance to really compete and win a division, and hopefully come home after the season with a World Series ring.”


Best of luck to Sean Marshall. Class act always does what’s best for his team. Has no ego about him at all. Chicago Will Miss Him but they got a good package for him. As a Cubs fan I really believe the Reds have the best team in the Division in 2012 the division is there’s to lose.

2012 is going to be a very fun season to watch.

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first I’ve heard the name andrew brackman…..what’s the scoop?????

Let go by the Yanks. Relief pitcher, I believe. Picked up by the Reds a week or more back. I hear he is likely to be added eventually to the 40-man roster, but there is some complication at the moment in him occupying one of the three or four open spots.

6’10 and born in Cincinnati, 1st round (30th) pick as a SP in 2007 by Yankees had Tommy John Surgery right after being drafted. Played 2 seasons in minors as a starter then last year got put in bullpen. He walks a lot of guys. He played in 3 games for Yankees in 2011 with 2.1 IP and allowed 3 walks. He had 75 walks and 75 Strike outs in 96 IP in AAA.

He went to Moeller High School (Barry Larkin & Ken Griffey Jr. went there) He played basketball and baseball there.

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