Alonso on the trade

I am on vacation this week and will be back on Monday. I have plenty of thoughts on the Latos trade which I hope to share.

Yonder Alonso called me back tonight. Alonso had just gotten to Spain for a vacation with friends when it all went down:

“I am in Spain with my best friend on vacation. We had just got here when I got the call. It was crazy,” Alonso said.

Feelings on the trade?

“I was kind of excited and shocked at the same time,” Alonso said. “It’s all good but it’s all bad also. Cincinnati drafted me, gave me a chance and I went to the big leagues with them. But now I’m with a team that likes me, wants me and I can’t wait to be there.

“I’m kind of relieved. I won’t be traded again any time soon. Now I can enjoy the trip and Christmas and New Year’s.”

Click here for the story from Cash Kruth on today big trade

Here is audio of Walt Jocketty and Mat Latos talking about the trade:




I really wish we could have seen Alonso play in left field this season. I really hope the Reds did not overpay for this starter.

oh we overpaid. had to. cincy has to take advantage of the weaker nl central this year (no Pujols, braun, fielder) i like it. gonna miss those guys though.


Wally is typical.

You have to trust management, Thet have looked at the pros and cons and only time will tell if it was the right decision. Stii need more outfield help and a closer. Besides, we root for the reds no matter what. Right? By John on 12/18

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