Pujols out of NL Central

The Rule 5 Draft just concluded without the Reds making a selection in the Major League phase. They both took and lost a player in the Triple-A phase.

But the buzz this morning is the stunner that Albert Pujols is leaving the Cardinals for the Angels with a 10-year, $250 million contract with a full no-trade clause.

Of course, the move has ramifications for the Reds. “The Great Pujols,” as former Reds manager Jerry Narron often called him, is now out of the National League Central.

“I think it’s a positive,” said Reds GM Walt Jocketty, who drafted and developed Pujols when he was with the Cardinals. “When they lose a guy of that stature, it’s pretty amazing.”

As for the Reds, they are leaving town without a trade or signing done. But it sounded like if he would agree to part with the player or players the other team wants, a deal could happen.

“I think so. You never know how a club will react,” Jocketty said. “A couple of things we could do. We have to decide if it’s the right direction to go in.”

As for Brandon Phillips, Jocketty finally met with his agents but the latest offer appears to have been rejected.

“I went alright I guess,” Jocketty said of the meeting. “I don’t know if they weren’t completely happy. They didn’t agree to it.”



There is a God! Go Reds Go!

Don’t buy it at all. This is still a team game. Look what happened to Seattle a decade ago when both Griffey and A-Rod were gone. The Rays lose players of note every year, and many of them, yet remain competitive in baseball’s elite division. Why? Team! Cards move Berkman to first, acquire an outfielder, with money left over for pitching. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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True, but it sure does make this very cold day a little warmer to know the Cardinals don’t have that bat anymore.

Can’t argue with that, unless you happen to be both a Red fan and a Cardinal booster (through family links) as well. The last two years have been schizophrenic.

Ha, I was going to write….here comes a reply from Denny. And there it is.
I still hate Carpenter and Molina, so I still hate the Cardinals.

Oh ya, they will always be a thorn in the side of the Reds no matter what but it will not sting as much now.

Fine…but you’re hating of Carpenter and Molina (and I don’t dispute the fact that they are legitimate targets of one’s animosity) doesn’t change the fact that they are both extraordinary players, albeit aging, and that the Cardinals, even without Pujols, remain a very good team.

Reds leave winter meetings without doing a thing. Big surprise there!

Perhaps all for the better. And there is still a long way to February and the start of spring training to get a tweak or two done before then. Of course, if you’re convinced that more than a tweak or two is demanded (and I’m not necessarily opposed to that notion) then there is ample reason for concern. Do we stare a close repeat of 2011 in the face? Or, by standing pat and anticipating the maturation of some of the young talent, do we see a reversion to 2010, or even better? Dare we dream!

Do you think the Reds have actually made any offers? Like actually put an offer down in front of a player and agent?

No probably not but they also have not traded away any of our future players either. I find this a lot better than what we used to have as a GM. The prospects are no longer traded for bums who don’t last.

I bet the Astros are happy he went to the Angels. HA HA HA

I’m getting frustrated at the seeming lack of fortitude of Walt Jockety and his unwillingness to pull the string on anything. Josh Willingham on the back burner? Good grief Walt he’d be a perfect #4 hitter for this team and instantly Joey V. would see more fastballs in the zone. Hey Walt, get this deal off the back burner. Send Chris Heisey and Homer Bailey to Oakland for him.

this blog is more lame than fay’s. nothing to report mark? last comment on dec.10? really? at least you don’t have to have facebook to comment here like that moronic enquirer site switched to. less ads too. too bad mark doesn’t keep up.

I’ll report something I read. A lot of teams are waiting to make moves on starting pitching trades and such because they want to see who gets Yu Darvish and also to see which Rays pitcher will be on the market.

They can’t report anything when nothing is happening. Jocketty is not making any moves this offseason.

ok, guess i will report. reds trade alonso, boxberger, grandal, and volquez for latos. maybe i should get a job as a reds beat writer. fay hasnt even posted this info. i had to find out from espn.

Yonder Alonso found out from a fan through twitter LOL

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