Reds talk w/Rays, Cody Ross

It’s been quiet again for the Reds and Walt Jocketty admitted it’s been tough for him not being able to get some moves done.

“Very frustrating,” Jocketty said.

Jocketty said has had some meetings about trades, including with the Rays.

“I’ve talked to them several times,” he said. “I don’t think we’re close to anything.”

Jocketty did not divulge who was discussed. I can imagine James Shields had to have been one of the teams from the Rays’ end.

*Further down the list has been a search for a right-handed hitting left fielder. There has been thought given to adding free agent OF Cody Ross, who had a very brief stint with the Reds in 2006.

“We kicked it around,” Jocketty said. “I saw his agent yesterday in the lobby. It’s an interesting name. He said he’d be interested in coming back, probably on a short term thing. I told him we’d discuss it and we did. But we have some other things to do first before we start looking at extra guys.”

*When asked about OF Dmitri Young, who has been in Dallas seeking a job and comeback, Jocketty said he would consider it. He liked him when he had Young in St. Louis.

More details from Wednesday to come on


“I told him we’d discuss it and we did. We have some other things to do first.”

Yea, like their afternoon tee time. Walt does his best thinking on the green #countryclubGM

People got to be patient. Walt will get something done, it does not have to be right now. Let’s let the man do what he is good at. We do not want to make a stupid trade.

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Love Cody Ross, could definitely platoon with either Alonso or Matt Joyce.

Send Miami Juan Francisco for Hanley!

Pujols is gone.

The Reds will paying a monthly installment to the Angels this season in order to thank them for signing Pujols.

Josh Willingham. Put down the cognac and get on the phone Walt.

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