Just left the Reds suite

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty admitted things were “pretty slow” so far on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings. I will have more later on MLB.com on some of the developments but here is a quick update.

*There have been no talks yet with the agents for Brandon Phillips.

*There is still a search for trading/acquiring a closer but the priority is still starting pitching.

“I got the sense a lot of clubs are looking for the same thing we’re looking for,” Jocketty said of the starting pitcher search.

*When asked about possible free agent veteran shortstops, Jocketty revealed it’s unlikely Edgar Renteria would be returning.

“They contacted me,” Jocketty said. “Probably not. He did a nice job for us. I’d love to find someone a little more versatile for Dusty.”

Like Renteria, free agent Bill Hall is also not an option. The club has not contacted or discussed him.

Check back later if there’s more developments.


Hanley just said no to third base and is requesting a trade. I’m sure the Marlins would be fine dumping his salary onto others for prospects. Go get him. Instead of thinking, how can we do this, and what should do, and I don’t want to give too much, just go make an offer, get a guy you want and live with it. I feel like we are too slow and timid and end up missing out. Take chances, we need to hit a home run, not just some singles.

That would be nice but I really can’t see how they could afford him or even want him.

Been pretty slow huh, other teams looking for the same thing…..this is all code word for we have done zero and we are going to do zero, and we are still not ready to part with our chips even though we are so loaded with them, oh well, good news in 5 years we will be a winner!!!!!! It is just me or is Jim Bowden back with all this we will be a winner soon garbage?
make some moves, part ways, this town needs a winner now while it still has Votto and others in their prime, wait a few years, he may be gone, phillips 3 or 4 years older and then what…..
we start over and they keep feeding us this garbage.

They say Pujols will make a decision tonight. If he does, it’ll be the Cardinals. I bet he just says no to the Marlins but leaves it open for the Cubs and Cardinals. Who knows though.

I think once Pujols and Fielder go to teams every other team will start making moves like crazy, especially the teams in Central.

I feel like I hear every detail of Pujols-here, Pujols-there, but nothing on Fielder. Are teams waiting on him to see what happens with Albert? I guess I wish the Reds would make a move, but the problem with being ‘loaded’ with tradable pieces is that teams will ask the moon for their trade baits. It would be an interesting exercise to sit down ith the 40-man roster and project what the Reds will look like three years down the road. Is it win now or win never, or are they building for the long haul? If the latter, then which pieces you keep and which you trade really matter and it pays to be cautious.

Ok, Huston Street is gone. Our lack of aggressiveness is going to leave us crawling back to Cordero. I like Cordero and wanted him back in the first place, but I don’t feel like the club did and now that might be their only option left.

Why do the Reds need to go GET a closer when they already have two options there? You may laugh, but Sam LeCure can do it. Also, they have a stud coming up named Brad Boxberger. You can win with a rookie closer, just ask Texas.

We need RELIABLE starters who average 7 IP/start. No more of this 5 1/3 bullsh*t.

Agreed, I like Boxberger but everything I hear is that he is a year away. So we need someone for this year. And if we got someone for a few years, Boxberger could be a stud 8th inning guy which everyone needs. We need a closer and a starter. Sign one, trade for the other. LeCure closer? That doesn’t excite me.

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