It’s Tuesday

 I would love to share lots and lots of Reds scoop for you from Tuesday the Winter Meetings, but so far I have very little.

The Denver Post along with my Denver colleague at, Thomas Harding, heard the Rockies are interested in RHP Edinson Volquez in a possible trade for Huston Street. Because of the money Street makes, $8 million next season, that would be a tough match to make a trade. I will keep you posted if I hear anything.

When I head up to the Reds’ suite, I’m expected some sort of update on Brandon Phillips. I’d imagine Walt Jocketty has had a chance to meet with Phillips’ agents.

The most exciting thing today, if you can call it exciting, was watching over a dozen reporters and photographers and TV people following the Marlins owner and executives through the lobby like  paparazzi following the Kardashians through the lobby. They apparently had left a meeting with Albert Pujols’ people and were headed back to the suite. No comments were given.

Until next time, stay tuned…


No news is good news right now. I am happy that the front office did not trade away any of their young players yet. As for Pujols, I really hope he signs with Miami LOL

Bell, Bosh, Bush, Reyes, Wade, Marshall, James, Pujols, overpaid Miami.

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