Monday at the meetings

 Even though I already had a small amount of news last night with Jim Riggleman’s pending hire, this is my welcome to you from the Winter Meetings in Dallas.

It’s a cornucopia of baseball folk here already, especially reporters and front office executives, here at the Hilton Anatole hotel. I will be essentially locked in here over the next four days and if this is similar to past meetings I’ve attended, I breathe fresh outdoor air about once the whole week. That means I will only see natural light probably once, since I have a hotel room here without a window. This might not be the worst thing ever, since it’s in the low-to-mid 30’s in Dallas today with a forecast of mixed rain/snow. It will be chilly all week, in fact. The last time the meetings were here, in 2005 I think, there was an ice storm that paralyzed the city. I was not staying at this meetings hotel so getting back to my hotel was quite an adventure I recall.

I’ve seen Walt Jocketty and his crew here Sunday night and I know there is a planned meeting with Brandon Phillips’ agents at some time today. Dusty Baker speaks to reporters at 2:30 pm CT today.

The meetings are already off to a hot start with last night’s signing of SS Jose Reyes to the Marlins for six years and $106 million. Stay tuned and we’ll see what else shakes out.


I would love to be there. Winter Meetings are one of my favorite things to watch now.

A room without a window? Where are you staying – the Hotel KGB? I would think the atmosphere there is pretty festive – what with labor peace assured and realignment and playoffs chnages already decided. Time to cleberate! I don’t know what to make of the Reyes deal – does it ratchet up the salaray structure again? Does it affect the Pujols sweepstakes in any way?

All Texas and Dallas in particular is is one huge prison for housing those that aren’t at least as stupid as their former and present governors, so a hotel without windows isn’t surprising at all for a Yankee intruder who actually knows how to write!

Mark, I have been reading a lot of rumors lately about the Reds looking into free agents now. Has Walt Jocketty changed his mind?

Gonzalez, Gio
Ross, Cody
Hanley Ramirez
Ryan Zimmerman
Stephen Drew
Huston Street

I pick Ryan Zimmerman. I wish Leatherpants was still in DC. He’d trade Z-man!

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