Cordero now Type B free agent

A release from Major League Baseball:

As a result of the collective bargaining process, the Commissioner’s Office and the Players Association have agreed to modify free agent draft pick compensation for a select group of Type A free agents. Only the following Players are affected by this agreement.

Five Type A Players will be treated as Type B players. The clubs will not have to offer arbitration to the new Type B players to receive compensation. Those players are:

• Matt Capps
• Francisco Cordero
• Octavio Dotel
• Ramon Hernandez
• Darren Oliver


This could increase the chances that both Cordero and Hernandez do not return to the Reds. They no longer have to offer arbitration to get compensation with the possiblity that the player accepts. That is a big benefit to the Reds. And clubs that might want to sign Cordero or Hernandez no longer have to relinquish a first-round pick as compensation, which might make them more attractive to sign.


That is very good news.

It’s good news, but I really wanted Hernandez back. Mesoraco and Hernandez sounds better than Hanigan and Mesoraco. Just not a Hanigan fan, never have been.

For nothing going on, there’s a lot going on. And a lot that needs settling by mid-Feburary. That 40-man roster thing is tricky. Who has to be considered for it depends on years since signing. So you’ve got to look ahead a year or so to see who’s coming up. Like Boxberger (? – why can’t I ever remember his name?), who’s talked about as a potential closer, and Corcino, who spent the year in Dayton. Those are two players not currently on the 40-mr but for whom the clock is ticking. Maybe this GM job is more complicated than we thinkl! Meanwhile, how’s the Missile doing?

It is much more complicated than the casual fan realizes. And many familiar names get exposed. We have, I believe, already lost pitchers Maloney and Burton. Many other recognizable players are out there ready to be plucked away. Tougher for a club with a minor league system that appears to many to be brimming over like a cornucopia at Thanksgiving time.

Phillips 2B
Ramirez SS
Votto 1B
Mesoraco C
Bruce RF
Ross LF
Francisco 3B
Stubbs CF


Closer Bailey, Homer



You are happy with Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Chapman and Leake as the starters?

Actually no. I meant to make a change on that.


I dont know what else we could do. Reds wont spend the money. And to get Hanley we had to give up Grandal and Alonso. Cozart will backup Hanley. Get rid of Janish. Resign Hernandez, get rid of Hanigan. Maybe we could deal Heisey and Wood for Jonathan Sanchez or something.

Don’t want the cancer in the clubhouse of Ramirez’s lackadaisical, prima dona attitude.

When he’s hitting 315 foot popups out to left field, I think he’ll feel better.

He might…but the overall rotten example can’t be contained within his own psyche. If it could, then let him hit those pop-ups you talk about and rot from within.

Hey Mark, are the Reds doing anything right now in trying to re-sign Cordero or are they pretty much looking for a replacement?
Any word on Phillips? Is Jocketty even at work?
I read that they are trying to get them both re-signed but that was awhile back. I just wanted to know if there was anything new to this.

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