Updates on Phillips, Francisco

Not sure, yet, what to make of this tweet from @DatdudeBP himself, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips:

“GoodMorning… Today is the day I find out my future w/ the @Reds! Either it’s going to be a GREAT day or BAD day… #FingersCrossed”

That was sent at 11:32 am Wednesday. Seems as if he is getting briefed by his agents on the negotiations for a multi-year contract. It could certainly be an in between day since negotiations have a way of progressing before getting to serious, serious talks. We’ll see…and I gather that Phillips will provide some sort of update later.

In other news, there were reports this morning that Reds 3B Juan Francisco was robbed at gunpoint by four assailants on Tuesday night in the Dominican Republic. Francisco was not harmed in the attack.


Wow, good thing Francisco is ok. And I am sure it will be a good day for BP.

So when do we start the Hanley Ramirez talk? If the Marlins get Reyes, then Hanley will be expendable.

I read the Marlins were looking at moving Hanley to third if the Reyes deal works out … personally, if Reyes does land in Miami I would love to see Hanley go somewhere else and Cincinnati would be a great fit.


Any updates on Aroldis Chapman? Looks like he’s only pitched a couple of innings in Arizona. I thought he was slated for more.

Bill, I would like to direct you to the Reds web site, where I wrote about Chapman yesterday.

Thanks, Mark. Guess I should go to web site first! This isn’t the first time Chapman’s shoulder has acted up. This could be worrisome if it continues. Hope the Reds haven’t bought a pig in a poke.

From sports talk last night: there’s a rumor of interest in Phillips in Atlanta. Sportscaster’s comment: but they have Dan Uggla so why would they want Phillips? Phillips is and reportedly has always been the best shortstop on the Reds roster. Could Atlanta want BP at SS?

Mark, are both sides still talking or did they agree on something yet? Is the hold up only on what Phillips wants for years in the contract or is it money?

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