Who do you like?

The Cardinals-Rangers World Series isn’t exactly what was predicted during Spring Training, or even in September, was it?

That St. Louis made it after being 10 1/2 games out of the Wild Card race in late August and clinched a playoff berth on the final day of the season makes all the more remarkable. It also makes one wonder what the Reds could have done had they figured some things out in late July/early August.

Neither the Texas or St. Louis rotations are pitching well in the postseason, so it should be a very interesting series with lots and lots of scoring.

I like the Rangers in six games.

What do you think?



I actually believe in the Cardinals,sounds funny, but in the clutch LaRussa knows a lot of ways to off-set the other teams strenghs—-so as much as I hate that organization I BELIEVE THEY WILL PREVAIL.

I could never, EVER root for the Whiney Little B-birds…….And what is worse is that they made it to the World Series as a Wild Card team……I hope Texas sweeps them, 4-0.

Actually, I think the pitching will be resurrected in the series. Cards in seven, my head tells me. For my emotional links to the Cardinals, notwithstanding the rivalry of the past two years, see my long post on the immediately previous blog entry.

Going out on limb and saying Cardinals in 7. Texas an excellent team but after all Sparky lost his first two World Series

Sparky played well managed teams with fantastic pitching staffs he could not match,on a scale of todays type staffs of both the Cards and Rangers could not be expected to handle. St. Louis by todays standards has the better staff which it will need to use to a fault.

Besides the superior pitching, Reds in ’70 were stymied by the defense of Brooks Robinson and in ’72 by the offense of Gene Tenace.

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