Checking in with Alonso

I did a short story today on Yonder Alonso pulling for close friend and Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay in the World Series against the Rangers.

When I reached Alonso on the phone, he was home in Miami and preparing to head to a weightlifting workout.

“I don’t stop,” Alonso said. “I don’t take any time off.”

As for the bone bruise in his right ankle that prematurely shelved Alonso in September, he hasn’t experienced any lingering problems. But he also hasn’t done a ton to test it. He has yet to resume hitting.

“It’s been good,” Alonso said. “I’m trying to lay off of it.”



I really, really want Alonso to break out this coming year: .275, 33 hr, 91 rbi, tolerable fielding in LF.

If they can find a way to play him regularly, then the offensive projections you make here might prove prescient. We can hope. But I don’t see him holding up adequately in left. That means an occasional start at first (Joey needs more sporadic rest than he has been afforded the past two years) and a lot of strategic use off the bench. Naturally, if it goes that way, those projections will have to be reduced significantly.

me too…Alonso should break out and play regularly.

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