Much appreciation

Obviously, this is the end of the line for the 2011 season for the Reds. And even though the work on the stories and blog will not be stopping, I thought this was as good of a time as any for me to stop and say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for reading my stories on and THANK YOU for reading and/or commenting on this blog and for enough loyalty to make it one of the better trafficked reporter blogs in our system. THANK YOU for being one of more than 8,600 followers I have on Twitter. I hope it was a useful tool for you to stay updated and that you enjoyed some of the banter.

I can’t believe I’ve been on a baseball beat for 11 seasons now, with season No. 6 covering the Reds in the books. What I like most about this job is its unpredictability. Every day and every game often brings something new or unexpected — whether it’s a three-homer night, an injury, a possible no-hitter, a 19-inning game in Philadelphia or like last night, a suicide squeeze bunt for a win in the 13th inning, followed by a wild four-walk and a balk but a scoreless inning for a save. Hopefully I was able to give you some insight about what happened on the field or in the clubhouse.

Expect a busier off-season than last winter as the Reds have some work to do to be contenders in 2012. Other than some much-needed vacation time here and there (the first coming in early November), I will be on the case throughout covering news and developments so please continue to check in.

But until next time, THANK YOU.


Thanks Mark, enjoyed it. Keep the posts coming, I know I check this everyday just hoping for something new to read, and I’m sure a lot of others do too. I don’t trust a lot of sources out there these days, but I trust this one. So thanks for that.


Thanks a lot Mark! I check your blog more than an other source for Reds info. I look forward to reading the offseason news from you this winter. Until next time, GO REDS 2012!!!

Thank you for your professional approach and economical writing. It helped get through an agonizing season. Look forward to your off-season reporting and to a better 2012.

Thanks Mark. Enjoy your writing and your insights. Enjoy following your tweets during the games. Can’t wait til next spring. Have a great off season and I’ll be checking here often for updates.

Thanks Mark. Great job this year covering the Reds. I hope we get back to the playoffs next season. I visit your blog frequently for information and knowledgeable content. We’ll be watching your off-season reports. Thanks!!!

Reds4Lifecom Fan Forum

Hey, Mark – who you got in the Cy Young and MVP awards – do you get a vote?

I do not get a vote since BBWAA disallows writers from membership. If I did vote…I’d probably give Kershaw the Cy and Braun the MVP. I have not done all the research though.

Ditto…thanks Mark! Enjoy your blog – and always enjoyed catching you w/Marty.

Anybody can win but the Cardinals, right?!?!? Please, not the Cardinals!!!

I well understand the sentiments, but you’ve got to admire what the Cardinals accomplished in September. And, quite often, the team that has to get hot just to get in ends up going far in the playoffs. I’d rather it be Tampa Bay, but, if it’s the Cards, then kudos for the division.

Oh Denny, I’m sure you are a Buckeyes/Big Ten fan too aren’t ya? I will never ever ever do the root for your division/conference thing. Ever.

Never have been a Buckeyes’ fan. Had a lot to do with my political distaste for one Woodrow Hayes eons ago. Went to Notre Dame. So, back then, didn’t have to deal at all with the conference dilemma you allude to, though it appears future Irish fans will have to wrestle with it. Of course, already so in hoops. And now with all “cards” on the table: I do have fond family and geographical links to St. Louis baseball which occasionally, only occasionally, override the rivalry of the past couple seasons.

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