Phillips: ‘No homeboy hookup’

There was a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer that GM Walt Jocketty said 2B Brandon Phillips option would be picked up. It is a club option worth $12 million for 2012.

That was news to Phillips, who tweeted the following very early this morning:

“Got a lot on my mind! Can’t believe that today “MIGHT” be the last time I may be wearing a @Reds jersey playing at #GABP #NoBueno”

After the game, a 2-0 victory for the Reds over the Astros where he had three hits, Phillips said this:

“I haven’t heard anything,” Phillips said. “I’m just playing. That’s all I can really do. This is where I want to be. I feel like this is my city. I couldn’t sleep last night until maybe like seven o’clock in the morning.”

It was also reported that early negotiations are under way about a Phillips extension with his agent. Phillips made it clear there would be no hometown savings for the Reds to retain him long term.

“No bueno. This is my last contract,” Phillips said. “There is no homeboy hookup. I just want to be paid what I am worth.”


Bye bye then Brandon…what you are worth here is different than what you are worth elsewhere. Hate to see you go, but with that attitude…good luck.

I agree. I was on your side Brandon, until you came up with that “homeboy hookup” comment. Hate to lose you, but who needs an attitude like yours! I am barely making ends meet, and you have a problem with $12 million a year? See ya…….

If Brandon leaves, the Reds will be done in already for next year! He is the heart of this team. He doesn’t want to sign a deal as short as he can and then run out of town like Votto will do. He wants to play here. Pay the man!

Phillips’ contract is up when he is 31, Votto’s contract is up when he is 30. Just one year different. And you can bet Votto will say the same thing when his contract is up, he wants to stay but no hometown discount

attitude? what attitude? all he said is he wants to be paid what he’s worth…if you are not trying to do that in your own jobs, you are selling yourself short…that’s just dumb…

How about his attitude last week when he said if he did not get an extension and they just picked up the option he would bolt the Reds when his contract was up

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The heart of a team that had no heart all season. BP is all a out BP, not winning

He has padded his stats after the Reds were out of the race

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“attitude? what attitude? all he said is he wants to be paid what he’s worth…if you are not trying to do that in your own jobs, you are selling yourself short…that’s just dumb…”

I totally agree with Joe on this. It’s ok to go to a team who can pay you the money you are worth. We are all like that with our careers/jobs. We work hard and are loyal to the company we are being paid by and that is all we “owe” them. If another company can pay us more, no one would blame us if we changed our “loyalties” to the new company. Why should it be any different for pro athletes? Because they make so much more money than us? If you make $50,000 but everyone else in your field makes $100,000 are you only “out for yourself” if you leave that company to work for a company who is willing to pay you market value? If the Reds don’t re-sign Cordero, is management being disloyal to him? Does Bob Castellini have an “attitude?” Of course not! It’s all relative. As a fan, I know it’s hard to be objective and I don’t want to the Reds to lose Brandon or Joey either, but it’s hypocritical to expect them stay out of some misguided sense of loyalty.

Well if you were one of the best if not the best overall 2nd baseman in baseball, wouldn’t you want to be paid what that’s worth, not just take a decent sized paycut to stay with a nice team with a history of losing since you’ve been there. The Braves and Dan Uggla screwed the Reds by Uggla getting like $50 mill for a decent glove and a power bat. Phillips deserves to be paid what he’s worth.

He is a career .371 hitter on the back side of this career. Save the money you would pay him and buy a stud pitcher or give it to Votto. If the Reds keep giving other player a ton of money they will be in the same shape as the Cards who can not afford their 1st baseman anymore

.271 NOT .371


Please, .295, almost 20 jacks, almost 90 RBI’s, gold glover, loves the team, loves the city, not injury prone, give him his damn money. He has most definitely earned it. It’s not your money, so why do you all care?

What Curt said

You people that complain and say we can’t pay him will be the same people that complain this offseason that the Reds are cheap and won’t go out and get a big name. Here’s your big name, and he wants to stay. Case closed.

Brandon is a marvelous defensive player but only a slightly better-than-average offensive presence. He has done well in the lead-off spot of late and, in the minds of many, has already been anointed for that slot next year, completely forgetting that he has a longer track record from there and it ain’t much to write home about. He needs to grow up, keep his mouth shut, stop creating the public displays and spectacles, and, if he genuinely cares for the city and the team (I have serious doubts), take somewhat less than the open market would provide in a year from now.

He’ll prosper in the leadoff spot, he likes it, he wants to be there. I mean, we could always save money on him and go and get someone like Corey Patterson, Willie Taveras, or Fred Lewis. I’m sick of taking chances on washed up players. We have a guy now that can do it, so let’s pay him and have him do it for four years. I just don’t understand how he all of a sudden becomes expendable with this mythical payroll? It’s stupid.


There’s something to be said for ‘a marvelous defensive player.’ Looked at one way, 2B is the ** only ** position about which there are no question marks – no heir apparents, no ‘wish we could find someone better to play it,’ no ‘when will the incumbent reach his suppposed potential.’ That is, assuming the Reds sign BP. Look around the field – will Joey be at 1B next year or will the Reds have to trade him (to make room for a LF-challenged Alonso)?; can Cozart really play SS?; can Francisco really play 3B?; how many games is Rolen good for?; can Alonso play LF?; what do you do with Sappelt and Heisey?; can the Reds (and fans) stomach another season where Stubbs’ K’s almost equal the numbers after the dot in his batting average?; and what about Sappelt and Heisey? when will Bruce be a superstar player, or is what we see what we get, and is that enough for the money?; can Mesoraco-Hannigan be as defensively skilled and offensively productive as Hernandez-Hannigan of 2010? Who bats 1st? Who bats 4th? Same questions, different year! But BP is not a question mark – he’s an answer, and the only answer the Reds have now, before srping training. Of course, sign him. No brainer. Move on. Lots more to be done.

The question isn’t whether to re-sign him or not. Of course. Do it in a heartbeat, if it can be done within the economic constraints of a small market team. But the lead in the story is: no homeboy hook-up (if I have the lingo right), and that simply won’t work for Cincinnati. If he remains adamant about that, then there will be no extension. He will be here for the option year, and, I predict, not in his normal jovial mood, and then gone forever to the greener pastures of free agency.

Right Max, right. Look, how many guys in the league can do what Phillips does? His whole package? Not many, if any. How many can do what Votto does? About ten, and heck, we may even have one in the farm system that can do it. So you are going to pay Votto 17 million a year? Then you can pay Brandon 5 years 70 million. Pay the man.


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