Alonso to drop LBs, focus on LF

Rookie Yonder Alonso’s position limbo is over. You won’t be seeing him experimenting at 3B anymore. Obviously 1B isn’t an option. He will be spending his off-season completely focused on left field.

“A couple of days ago, they told me to just work on left field and be ready for it. That’s what I am doing,” Alonso said on Wednesday.

The Reds also told him they would like him to slim down to increase his speed, which is Alonso’s main deficiency at the position. The instructions were similar to what former LF Jonny Gomes was told a couple of years ago.

“In the off-season, my plans are getting my body in check and work very hard to transform my body to play left field,” Alonso said. “Last year was more of a first base-left field type. It wasn’t 100 percent left field. This year is 100 percent left field. I hired a chef. I talked to a trainer already. I’m putting all of my efforts and stuff into my career and will make sure I am 100 percent ready to be the left fielder.”

The plan is to work with the outfield instructor from the Univ of  Miami. Alonso is also roommates with Cardinals CF Jon Jay and the two will workout together.

Alonso said he weighs 230 pounds and wants to get down to 215-220, if possible.

“Definitely my body fat needs to go down to be an adequate left fielder,” he said. “I will work my butt off in left field.”



Yonder, I believe you can do it. I’m not a gym person, but I recently joined a dog, and walking her twice a day, I’m hoping to lose 30 lbs. (!). If this works, I’ll suggest you add a dog to your chef-trainer team.

Phillips, 2B
Alonso, LF
Votto, 1B
Mesoraco/Hernadez, C
Bruce, RF
Stubbs/Heisey, CF
Francisco/Frazier, 3B
Cozart, SS

Make a trade for a big name pitcher, and go in to 2012 like that.


Curt: I wouldn’t put Alonso in the two hole. Too slow. Will cloig the bases. More like fifth or sixth. Substitute with Cozart. When Francisco plays, higher in my ideal batting order. Not convinced Heisey is a centerfielder, even part-time. I make him the fourth outfielder, play him a lot against lefties, and have him as a key bat on the bench. What happened to Hanigan? Rolen recovered from shoulder surgery?
Not likely to acquire big name pitcher without losing some of the guys on your list. I think we have enough options in house. Arroyo and Volquez can’t have repeat years as bad as the one now wrapping up.

But could you imagine the pitches Alonso would get in front of Votto? And believe me, Phillips isn’t fast either. Our whole speed and defense thing has turned into just defense, we have no speed outside of Stubbs.

Good point about pitches Alonso would receive under your scenario, but while neither Phillips nor Cozart are burners like Stubbs, at least they are far from slow, which Alonso is. But the relative loss of team speed seems well underway.

I would love to see the Reds retain Alonso. The more interviews I hear and the knowledge at the plate I see, the more I appreciate him. I wish Joey Votto would sign a long extension…but don’t see that happening. I feel confident in Alonso taking over. *** Now, give Phillips the long term, retire in Cincinnati deal he deserves. He he wants to be here, and he deserves to be here. No other player is more fan friendly in all of sports. We love him Walt!

Everyone is missing the one MAIN ingredient! Get rid of Dusty!

Some of us disagree. And those ranks include the ones with the power to make that decision.

Baker stays! I like Cozart in the two spot, behind Phillips. Rolen and Cairo can hold down third base. Another guy that needs some off season instruction is Stubbs. He has to develope a swing that is not all or nothing. He has got to make more contact, it doesn’t matter where he finds himself in the order. The big question mark in my eyes is who will be behind the plate next year? It is about time to see what Mesorasco has for a full season in the big leagues. As much as I hate it, we need to find a trade for Hernandez. It would be nice to package some guys and get a starting pitcher, but there seems to be a need for bullpen help. I am not sure who the guy wearing the Massett jersey is this year, hopefully he can return to form next year. I do also think that the rotation will be better next year. Volqeuz, Arroyo, and Wood can certainly regain form, and Cueto, Leake, and Baily have shown that they are dependable next year. So barring injuries, the Reds could make another push next season. I am at least extremely optomistic. Oh, the Phillips is slow comment…there is a difference between being a base stealer and being slow. He is plenty fast to be a lead off man in this league.

do you think brandon will be with the reds next year?

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