They said it (again)

Quotes from the Reds clubhouse after a 6-3 defeat to the Cubs sent them to a series loss. The decider was a three-run homer in the eighth inning by Carlos Pena against Bill Bray.

“We had the match-up we wanted. Billy has been great on lefties all year, hitting [.188] off him. Pena is hitting [.135] off of lefties. He made a mistake and hung a slider that didn’t slide. It just spun up there. He didn’t miss it.” — Dusty Baker on the matchup between Bray and Pena.

“Anytime you have these games where they are close games…it’s tough. You just have to move forward with it, learn from it and keep playing.” — Yonder Alonso, who was 3-for-4 with a RBI single in the first inning. Alonso is batting .407 (24-for-59) in 31 games for the Reds.

“I’ve put in all my best to get it done. You know what? Sometimes you throw seven innings and instead of going down, it goes up.” — Johnny Cueto on trying for the ERA title. His 2.36 ERA still leads the Majors.

“He’s tough and I wish I was smart enough to know why we’ve had some success against him, and we have. Maybe when he’s sharp early and strong, he’s tough on whoever. If he tires some, you get opportunities. For DJ to get that RBI single was big early. You just keep battling him. He gets left-handers out really well because he has the fabulous changeup and he doesn’t seem to be as effective with it against right-handers. Sori hits him real well, Ramy. I think that’s part of it. If he’s got his best slider on a given day, that’s why his ERA is under 3.00. I think a lot of our guys have seen a lot of him, too. That works to our benefit, too. He’s a really good starter.” — Cubs manager Mike Quade on Cueto.
*I will not be continuing on to Colorado. Have a good weekend. See you Monday.


isin,t alonso hitting the ball to much for baker to play

After listening to last night’s game, I got my affairs in order. Stubbs laid down a bunt! One of the seven signs of the coming Apocalypse!

16 games to go and then compassionate leave for the long-suffering. Early release, credit for time served. Can the team scrape its way back up to .500?

10 and 6 and not the toughest remaining schedule. Doable. Likely. No. Twelve games under since mid-May.

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