Valaika at SS

Reds lineup vs. Cubs

Phillips 4
Sappelt 8
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Mesoraco 2
Cairo 5
Frazier 7
Valaika 6
Leake 1

*This is a lineup we have not seen the likes of yet this season. Definitely a plethora of young players in there. Valaika is getting his first big league start at SS, where he played three innings for the Reds last season. He’s played only 13 games at SS this season for Triple-A Louisville, compared to 85 at 2B.

*This is Dave Sappelt’s first big league start in CF after13 starts in LF. Todd Frazier is getting his second start in LF tonight.

*Miguel Cairo is 5-for-17 vs. Cubs starter Rodrigo Lopez. So perhaps that is why he is there over Juan Francisco.

*Drew Stubbs is obviously not in there tonight but he’s closing in on 40 steals for the season. Currently he is at 37. No Reds player has totaled at least 40 steals since Deion Sanders had swiped 56 bases in 1997.


Holy cow. Valaika at SS? Is Renteria and/or Janish injured?

And Mesoraco batting fifth…

Renteria will be at SS tomorrow. Hey…people wanted to see the young guys play and they’re definitely playing tonight (w/ exception being Cairo)

Wednesday morning: Well. it worked. And Dusty played the young guys, like a lot of people want. Maybe some good can be salvaged from this season.

Vegas had the Reds at 83-79. Can they get there?

Twenty and seven in the final twenty is not an unscalable mountain, yet an unlikely one to conquer given the way they’ve played the whole year, even now with all the prospects in the climbing party.

Of course, I intended Thirteen and…at the beginning of the above post.

I think they can play 13 and 7 ball. If they keep playing the kids. After all, it was the non-kid roster that got them to under-.500. But it’s frustrating having that to root for after the the high hopes this season. Pretty soon, we’ll need to start thinking about our off-season moves. I figure two positions are set (1B and 2B – Phillips must and will be re-signed). The rest are up for grabs. Could we get Aramis Ramirez to play 3B? Or Ryan Zimmerman? Is that crazy? Are there CFers or RFers that would be an upgrade? Are we going into next spring with 15 left-fielders and 1-1/2 SS? We’ll take care of the pitching staff later.

I would add two names to the set starting eight you address: Bruce and Stubbs. Both are five tool players, potentially, both still young and relatively inexperienced, both controversial who draw ire from the fans. But neither can be given up on. Yet.

I hope Rolen can be pencilled in for 100 plus starts at third after the successful shoulder surgery. That could be the key to it all when you look at the team record in ’09 and ’10 with him in the line-up. Cozart may or may not be the answer at short. Same for Mesoraco behind the plate. But left field is definitely a crap shoot and so too would be third if Rolen again mostly sits. I keep Alonso on the big club for a lefty power bat off the bench, but I keep him out of the field as much as possible.

I think that’s about what we got to work with barring major moves.

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