They said it…

Just the quotes today after the Reds 4-3 loss to the Cubs

“I felt OK. I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt good. Dontrelle is a guy I’ve worked with a lot. You know what he’s going to do so we had a good game plan. He threw the ball well. We made some mistakes that one inning, myself included, and that’s the way it goes sometimes.” — Devin Mesoraco on his first big league start.

“It’s frustrating because I’ve pitched worse and won. By the same token, I like the way me and Mesoraco worked out there, especially for his first start. This is my 200th big league start so I am happy to have that longevity. I will continue to battle and fight and hopefully I will get one and then in bunches.” — Dontrelle Willis, who is now 0-5 with a 4.21 ERA in 11 starts with the Reds.

“That was the Dontrelle that I knew. Boy he was throwing strikes. He had great command of everything.” — Dusty Baker on Willis’ first three perfect innings.

“We had to make a decision whether to face Aramis or Baker. Baker is one of the toughest guys in this league against left-handers so we chose to face Aramis. We had him fouling off pitches but we went to the well too many times with the fastball and he got the single.” — Baker on the fifth inning two-run single by Aramis Ramirez.

“Honestly, I did not know where the ball was at the time. It was kind of a weird hop and when it camein, I didn’t get a glove on it. I wasn’t sure where it went. I was just looking and looking. By the time I realized he didn’t make a sign and he didn’t touch the plate, Dontrelle already had the ball and he was coming back. It just happened a little quick and I couldn’t find the ball for a chace to tag him out.” — Mesoraco on the play at the plate where Reed Johnson scored on the Ramirez hit. Johnson missed the plate on the first try but neither Mesoraco or Willis noticed.  

“I knew the situation, it’s 4-3 with two outs and their 4-hole hitter up there. It’s probably the best time to put a fresh arm in. I had [James Russell] and [Kerry Wood] up. It’s the eighth inning, so you try to keep it intact.” — Cubs starter Matt Garza on the jam in the eighth inning.


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