Hernandez staying?

 Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman reported that Ramon Hernandez was claimed off of waivers by an unknown club and then pulled back by the Reds. That means that Hernandez is staying for the rest of the season. He can not be exposed to trade waivers again.

It’s an interesting situation for the Reds. Obviously, Devin Mesoraco would have been the beneficiary of a Hernandez departure. But if Hernandez is classified as a Type A free agent this fall, as reports say he projects, the Reds would get Draft picks if he goes elsewhere.

Reds lineup vs. Nationals

Phillips 4
Lewis 7
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Hernandez 2
Stubbs 8
Frazier 5
Janish 6
Willis 1

*Apologies for the lack of blogging lately, especially postgame. It’s becoming harder to come up with topical information that differentiates from the game stories I write on MLB.com. Same with pre-game. I do not see the point in overlapping with the same information on both the web site and the blog. Of course, breaking news will always come first here and on Twitter.

If there are ways to keep this blog relevant and interesting to you in a way that it doesn’t detract from my regular duties putting quality content on the main site, I’m open to ideas.


I would say we could have more of a discussion and opinions on this blog, but I understand you are only allowed to go so far.


I can go as far as I want with my opinions…but quite frankly, I do not have the time to do my job and engage in message board, comments, conversation stuff. I try to on Twitter and have to cut it off to worry about writing, etc.

Hey Mark, you should have guest posts from the players! (we can wish, right?)

Understand completely, Mark. [Have been in DC for 46 yrs. and follow the Reds and Nats closely (includ’g seeing the Reds when in town or in Baltimore.). As you know, the two teams have had several overlapping players in the last few yrs. (with Bowden having been here. Interesting. Nix & Gomes have been welcomed here. Was sorry to see both go, but understand the Reds decision(s). Am about to retire and move to Indy. Hope to get down to Cincy and take in the Gr. Amer. Ballpark.
(Last time I was there, it was at old Crosley Field. !!! Ted Kluszewski, Wally Post, Gus Bell, etc. Beginning to feel my age.)
Hope the Reds turn it around the last mo. The Nats have been building a really good pitching staff. With some bats, they will move up next year. Hope the Reds get their pitching staff squared away. As you know, this factor always governs.
Thanks for your insights.

Mark, you’re doing fine. Just do what you do, and we’ll keep managing and general managing the team. Jim F.: i grew up outside DC. My ‘Nats’ were the Senators, Their second incarnation should have still been there when you arrived. Frank Howard, Eddie Brinkman et al. Gone again, in 1969. And I was gone in ’70. Now, back to the Reds. When are the September call-ups? Sept.1st? How much will the new guys play? And is Dusty coming back next year? We’ve got some inopirtant decisions to make! I say, bring Dusty back (it’ll cost $3 million to fire him – that’s a lot of lost payroll), but let him know he’s got to play the youngsters, period! (Then maybe he’ll retire – does that get the Reds off the hook for his salary?)

maxblue: You’re right about my being here when Frank Howard, Eddie Brinkman et al were playing. I arrived in ’65, and the only thing we had to look forward to was Howard hitting one of his mammoth HR’s. (Ted Williams stint as mgr. was a nice respite.) Was there the last game at RFK when some fans ran on the field and the game was forfeited to the Yankees. Went to Baltimore at Memorial Stadium from ’70 on -to watch those great Oriole teams (F. & B. Robinson, Boog Powell -who I just talked with when the Reds were there last mo.-, Jim Palmer et al and the later teams that followed. Have followed the Reds closely, however. Even went up to Yankee Stadium in ’76 to see Game 4 -when they swept the Yankees. (The Big Red Machine may have been the best team of my generation.) So much for my digression. Lots of memories…..mostly good!


To get draft picks for Hernandez the Reds have to offer arbitration and he has to decline which I dont think will happen. He would get around 4 Mil thru arbitration from the reds. What team would give more money and a first round draft pick for Hernandez?

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