Seeking series win

Reds lineup vs. Nationals

Phillips 4
Sappelt 7
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Cairo 5
Stubbs 8
Hanigan 2
Janish 6
Arroyo 1


Friday a.m.: Guys, we’re going to have to face the possibility that this team might not finish over .500 this year.

I’d say it’s almost a sure thing. They have played a full 12 games under .500 since mid-May. A stretch of nearly 80 games. And I would say they are in more disarray now than through most of that stretch.

Tonight’s lineup…

Phillips 2B
Alonso 1B
Votto LF
Hernandez C
Bruce RF
Cairo 3B
Frazier SS
Stubbs CF
Bailey P

Curt, you’re kidding, right? Votto does not, he made clear, wish to play left. This isn’t a longterm solution, so unless they’re showcasing Alonso for trading, what sense does it make? Even if, it doesn’t make sense. The less Alonso plays, the greater his trade value. So, you’re kidding, You’re a kidder, Curt! What a kidder! Tell me you’re kidding. Right?

Ya, I just made it up. I think that Alonso at first and Votto in left would be a long term solution. Wouldn’t that be the point?

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