Cueto stays spectacular

 One has to wonder if Johnny Cueto would be treading into Cy Young Award territory had he not missed the first month of the season.

Cueto was masterful again in a 2-1 Reds win over Washington. He took a five-hit shutout into the ninth before a Ryan Zimmerman homer on a first pitch fastball ended his outing. Francisco Cordero survived a bases-loaded jam to get his 24th save.

The line for Cueto: 8 ip, 6 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 5 K, 1 HR. He once again qualifies for the Majors ERA lead at 1.89. He scoreless innings streak of 15 ended with the homer.

Why Cueto won’t be beating out the likes of Roy Halladay and others in Cy Young consideration is his lack of numbers everywhere else. Cueto has only nine wins (9-5), 128 1/3 innings, 83 strikeouts and three complete games. He’s given up more than three runs only twice in 19 starts. He’s allowed just seven homers.

Roy Halladay has 15 wins, a 2.53 ERA, 184 2/3 innings 177 strikeouts and seven complete games.
Clayton Kershaw has 14 wins, 175 2/3 innings and 193 Ks with four CGs
Cliff Lee has 12 wins, 172 innings and 177 Ks with 5 CGs.

You get the idea.

Cueto likely missed about 6 starts when the season began because of irritation in his right biceps and triceps. His season didn’t begin until May 8.

Nevertheless, it’s been a fine season for Cueto and one that seems destined to continue on a positive note.

“He’s definitely one of the elite pitchers,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “At this point in time of the season, he’s not as worn or tired as a lot of the other pitchers when he missed that one month. That was one of the things we were counting on down the stretch – him and Homer both. They had an abbreviated season and they are still strong and still have good stuff. They work hard and missed a lot of time. It should equate to them being excellent down the stretch and everybody else a little more worn a tired.”

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